Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 43

Feature Trailer Red Bullet WORDS LISA MORA PICS JERRY ZANDWIJK Dirk and Jonna Jacobs live in a city called Zoetermeer about forty miles from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They named their 1970 Fokker “Red Bullet” after the mouldings on the side of their tow car: a 1958 Buick. “If you look at the side of this car you can see that the mouldings were made to look like the fly by of a bullet”, explains Dirk. During the week, Dirk works at a government office, but on weekends he and Jonna used to attend car shows and camp in a tent. Eventually they decided that a trailer would be more suited to their needs. “Of course that could not be a modern trailer!” insists Dirk. “I got all inspired by all the different websites and Facebook pages about vintage trailers and the choice was made. We decided to buy a European vintage trailer from. Even though the one we have is from 1970, we decided to give the interior an old American look, and chose as the theme the old 1950s American diners”. Dirk chose to seal in two of the side windows with sheet metal and completely gut out the inside and rebuild it using red 1950s Formica with chrome sheet metal details and stainless steel rivets that they also used to trim the bottom half of the lounge seats. The upholstery was re-done in red and white tuck and roll vinyl by a vintagetrailermagazine | 41