Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 42

One of the last decisions to make was the color and Carol has chosen a 1965 Chevy light green and white. To finish it all off, she added a few special touches such as jewelry, the bunting flags and hankies that belonged to her Mom. The end result is a trailer that Carol describes as: “A charmer that is both a little girly and good enough for the hubby to feel comfortable too”. Although they haven’t been out and about too often yet, Carol has big plans to see a lot more of the country with her retro duo once the Chevy is back on the road. “Look for me on the road with the 65 Chevy truck with motorcycle in the back pulling my Shasta trailer around the country. What a better way to travel around and meet new people!” 40 | vintagetrailermagazine