Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 41

During... They then peeled the skin off the outside and replaced all of the rotting interior framework with stronger supports, installed all new wiring and then put new insulation throughout before putting the original siding back on. Wanting to make sure the trailer would be 100% roadworthy, they chose to replace the axel and install electric brakes on it. And you know how much we all love polishing aluminum window frames right? While the trailer was in pieces and all of the windows had been removed, Carol’s job was to polish all the years of weather off them. “That was a love hate relationship!” she recalls. When it came to the inside, Carol said she wanted to do something unique. “I took out the original cabinet and ice box and stove and set out to do something different. It took awhile to brainstorm about what I wanted, but once I got started and chalk painted the panels, it all started to come together”, she tells me. “I purchased an amazing chest that fits perfectly and then found an icebox and reworked that area where it could go. Wow! It was becoming my vision! But one thing I just couldn’t get past was the ceiling. Then I had an idea to use some old maps I had purchased and put them on the ceiling and what a difference it has made!” vintagetrailermagazine | 39