Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 37

rails were replaced. The front screw jack was broken and wouldn’t wind up and that was rebuilt and repaired by Mary’s son, Tom Dietrich who also built Mary a tire mount and attached it to the back bumper as there had been nowhere to keep a spare tire previously. The leaking old galvanized water tank was replaced with a modern polypropylene tank and new fittings and lines, though Mary tells me that they were able to preserve the original filler. The ceiling vent had leaked and was in poor shape, so it was replaced with a new 12-volt Fantastic vent fan. The original iconic “S” Shasta magazine racks were long gone, but Mary was able to find the pattern for them online and rebuild two for her Shy Ann. The Shasta’s exterior skin was full of dents, creases, tears, and small holes, patches and had been shot with a BB gun. The roof had many patches too, so the entire roof and skin were replaced with vintagetrailermagazine | 35