Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 32

color I liked. I’m not the best painter, so if you look too close you might laugh. I think in a year or so I might have it done properly. But once again, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. I added curtains and vintage aprons to the windows on the outside, (yes, I do hang curtains on the outside of my house also.) I just used regular curtain rods and hooks. Yes, I did have to screw into the skin. I know many may disagree with doing that, but I figure, she is mine to enjoy and do with what I want. If I ever do sell her, those holes can easily be filled. In total I spent about four months working on her, but I also work full time, so I only was able to work a few evenings a week and weekends. I think I spent approximately $1500 on doing her up. Her name came by accident. I had several names in mind prior to choosing Chantilly. I was going to name her Mini Me, Delight, Itty Bitty, Sweetness. But none of them stuck, then one day the song Chantilly Lace ran through my head and BAM - there is was: Chantilly! I love it and it fits her perfectly. What I like about having a vintage trailer is that there are no rules. I recently went to my first rally and really enjoyed seeing what everyone had done. Some are authentic to the year of their trailer - which I really, really liked - but that just isn’t me. I like being surrounded by lots of pretty things. I had so much fun showing off Chantilly and everyone really enjoyed seeing her also. Everybody was so nice and helpful and giving me advice and how to’s. Very good people own Vintage Trailers! I’m looking forward to many more rallies now. 30 | vintagetrailermagazine