Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 29

My name is Carla and my husband’s name is Bob and we live in North Idaho. I have always been creative, but in the past five years, I went through “the change”, had a hip repair surgery and then a hip replacement so I actually felt like I was a different person. The extent of my creativeness was pinning pins on Pinterest. That is when I saw my first vintage trailer. I began looking on Craigslist just to see what was available in my area and the ones that were for sale were either too big, too expensive, or way too much work. So I kinda gave up looking after a couple of years. Then back in April of this year I went to get my hair done by my friend Stephanie who is my kindred Spirit. Actually Stephanie is just like me on steroids! Well, she had just bought a 14-foot Vintage Trailer! I got so excited again, that I came home and started looking that night. Low and behold, there she was, tenth down on the list: A 1962 Fireball, only thirty minutes away. Not only was she created the same year I was, she wasn’t too big (only 10 feet long,) too expensive or needing too much work. It was meant to be! However, she wasn’t very pretty. My husband came to look at it with me and vintagetrailermagazine | 27