Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 24

name, August nights in Reno are quite pleasant, and they were not wrong. It was so lovely and cool at nights in fact, that I found myself getting up and closing windows and pulling up more blankets during the nights and, despite the fact that we were so close to downtown, the park we were camping in was so very quiet and peaceful that you felt like you were in a country ranch somewhere and not in Reno at all! We ended up with twentyone trailers on display this time, but with room for over a hundred more, and now that word is out on where the most fun to be had at Hot August Nights is, I’d say expect to see a lot more trailers next year. At $300 for the week it was by far the cheapest accommodation in town and the views were great. Even if you don’t own a vintage trailer yet, it’s not too late to go out and get one and come along and join us all next year! I met so many amazing people and had so much fun that I am still buzzing from what an amazing event it was, but the highlights for me would have to be the Prom Night at Baldinis and the Final Grand Parade on Sunday. A recent re-addition to the Hot August Nights program, the Prom was our chance to get dolled up in our vintage finest and dance the night away to some good old-fashioned rock and roll music and the fifties-styled diner downstairs Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival 2017 Prizewinners: Jade Webster from Airstream picked the 1948 Aero Flite owned by Richard & Shirley Thomas Tracy & Vickie from Pink Flamingo Radio chose Jan Hatch’s 1950 West Craft Trolley Coronado Justin & Anna Scribner from Flyte Camp picked Andre & Lisa Fonseca’s gorgeous 1948 Curtis Wright Clipper made a pretty good burger too! The parade on Sunday was just WOW! What a buzz, after having seen it as a spectator, to actually be a part of it this time! Another good friend of mine, Amy Tulk drove up from LA on Saturday and rode in the Hudson with me as we paraded down the main street of Reno and under that iconic arch. Thousands of people lined the streets, waving and cheering and taking photos and smiling while I had the biggest smile on my face ever the whole time. Will I be back next year? Oh YEAH! See you there! Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival 2018 will be held on August 7 – 12. To book your vintage trailer space now go to: 22 | vintagetrailermagazine