Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 23

park being open to the public from 8am – 9pm, and trying to explain to the insistent public that we needed just a little bit of “time out” after hours, please. Oh my word yes it was exhausting, but so, so worth it! We had a great time with our merry troupe of Sisters on the Fly (and a few misters) making up a large proportion of the trailers at the event and yes, we did have more fun than anyone! Stacy was amazing at gathering us all up and organizing outings and excursions to the many things that were happening all over town during the week. Thanks so much Stacy! Between Ten Pin bowling, shopping trips, dinner at Mel’s Diner, cruising in the convertible or just hanging out at the trailers, after a week of camping together, we had become a real family. I know that some people had been put off bringing their trailers to this inaugural Hot August Nights Vintage Trailer Revival by the fact that it was dry camping only. I must admit that I too was a bit worried that the nights would be too hot to sleep without fans and A/C, but I was assured by the organizers that, despite the event vintagetrailermagazine | 21