Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 18

in the camping loops where they had the opportunity to peek inside a variety of campers and RV’s. This was my first Trailer Tour experience, and when we heard that people were lined up on the approach road to the campground to see the trailers, we were amazed. Keely and I hosted at least 300 people (we lost count!) to see our humble tent (it was Keely’s first campout too) with what we were describing as “The Minimalist” and “The Enabler” décor! For “The Aspirational” model, we directed them to our site-neighbor who had an air mattress sofa in her tent, and lots of pink flamingos and Florida kitschy fun, to give people an idea of where even a tent could go in terms of luxury. I was so thrilled to talk to other women at the Trailer Tour, and some men and families with children, who were intrigued but like me, didn’t really know where to begin. Or that had camped in their childhood, or in their long ago youth, and had no idea that things have changed (a lot) from the days of soggy sandwiches, difficult to assemble tents, rock hard cots, and an urge to check in to the nearest hotel. Anne Freund’s 1963 Terry Denise Lee’s 1963 Yellowstone Gardner Riel’s 2016 T@B L Crystal Cuthbertson’s 1974 Serro Scotty Highlander named Buttercup restored by Second Chance Restoration 16 | vintagetrailermagazine