Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 16

day wagons’ around the campfire in. Anastasia State Park feels as though it is in pristine Florida wilderness with huge Live Oak trees draped in swaying Spanish Moss, birds tweeting in the trees, and large campsites with well-paved streets. It is also right next to the beach, with a narrow boardwalk traversing high dunes and undisturbed wetlands enhancing the spirit of undisturbed nature. Anybody who lives in Florida knows that these are rare commodities these days, and a pleasure to find. Events at Sisters by the Sea began on Friday morning with breakfast, followed by a tour around St. Augustine (a Spanish colonial outpost founded in 1565 and the oldest continuously inhabited city in the United States) on the Old Town Trolley. This was followed by a wine tasting at the San Sebastian winery, lunch, a private tour of The Distillery and the Friday night Art Walk sipping drinks and tasting appetizers in the galleries hidden throughout the cobble and brick streets of the Ancient City, where the balmy ocean breeze and long dusk of a perfect Florida spring sunset along with the convivial company of women made for an unforgettable evening. Late evening (and throughout the weekend) was spent visiting in various gorgeous campers with newfound friends, and yes – true sisters – enjoying sangrias and snacks, and more importantly, lots of laughs and tall tales. Throughout the event, there was a balanced mix of planned activities, and on-your-own time to enjoy the beautiful beaches and truly relax. There was always the opportunity to be by yourself when you wanted to be, or pals to visit with when you wanted that – a perfect mix! On Saturday morning, members of the public were invited to the Trailer Tour Anne Freund’s 1963 Terry Old Town Trolley Tour of St. Augustine Denise Lee’s 1963 Yellowstone 14 | vintagetrailermagazine