Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 13

surfer vibe. I went with a neutral pallet and natural wood color so we can customize the design specific to the event. I decided to use a pop of color, a pale blue, to keep it simple and incorporate a retro hue. I was hoping that the caravan would look at good as what I had dreamed up in my mind and they blew me away when I saw it in person. It was above and beyond my expectations. Our first experience with the caravan was parking it on our street to celebrate our new business with our closest friends. We opened the windows, put on some music, and set up a pop up style living room on the street. Within an hour we had every neighbor, along with people walking by wanting to get a closer look and join the party. It’s an absolute people magnet and something people here have never experienced. I’m joyful and honored to be the first person with a Woody Caravan, and thrilled for the ride ahead. For this Vintage Trailer Magazine photo shoot, we spent two days shooting by the beach and had close to a hundred people come up and ask about the caravan, half of them tried to buy a drink! Everyone was so amazed and curious and people were excited to tell their friends and family about what they had seen. It’s an elating feeling to have that reaction from people who are experiencing something that I have created. Even the local cops and fire fighters were wishing they were off duty! I love that we now own a retro bar where we can enjoy great cocktails and conversations outdoors, in different scenes. I love how well built it is. I love that this is another adventure that my husband and I get to do together. My life motto right now is the best is yet to come, and thanks to my caravan, I know that it is true! vintagetrailermagazine | 11