Vintage Caravan Magazine Issue 36 - Page 12

the concept before. I started to research and realized this was a booming industry in Australia, which led me to Woody Caravans, a company based in Australia who hand crafts replicas for small businesses, as well as liquor brands like Absolut and Jameson. While researching caravan bars, onebusiness kept popping up. The trailers are a custom built, original design from the ground up and that was extremely attractive to me. When contacting Shane of Woody Caravans through email I was met with an attentive, patient man who was willing to answer questions for me daily... and I had a lot of them. I loved the idea that these hardworking craftsmen spent years perfecting their caravan models to ensure they would last not years, but decades. It is obvious to everyone who sees the caravan the thought, dedication and talent it took to create something so beautiful. While most of their clients keep a vintage look to the design, I wanted a modern version and they did an incredible job of achieving just what I had envisioned. I spent a little extra to drop the trailer and increase the height as my husband is 6’3” and I am 6’, and all together with shipping and conversion of AUD to USD we spent just shy of $34,000. I wanted to start a business that was mobile so if we moved, the business could move with us. It was clear to me that there is potential to grow quickly after seeing the success in Australia and the idea that I could be the first person to bring a Woody Caravan to the states excited me beyond words. It took close to a year from putting down a deposit to running my fingers across the wood servers windows. It was great to work with Shane picking out the wood stain, the style of the vinyl flooring, to the style of the exterior. For inspiration I scoured Pinterest and made collages. I knew I wanted a mid-century modern, California, 10 | vintagetrailermagazine