Ville Magazine l Insider Access for City Lifestyle Mar/Apr 2016 / People Issue - Page 9

FROM THE PUBLISHER I have met thousands of people throughout my life and will probably meet thousands more as I get older. I’ve met great people that inspired my dreams and ambitions, encouraged me when I had doubt, and supported me with every decision I’ve made. I’ve dealt with negative people that have brought me the exact opposite and sometimes worse. But I’m grateful for everyone, because they have shown me who I want to be and who I don’t want to be. This has shaped me into who I am today. According to Abraham Maslow, people reach their highest development by the influence of others. Social interactions and belonging are the basic needs required for self-actualization. You gain strength and courage by defending yourself against the ignorant and insecure, proving yourself to those who doubt you, and repeating the same things over and over again just to be heard. You soak in the kindness and love that teaches you appreciation, grows integrity, and develops your character. Every person gets to decide who they want to be and the impact they want to make in this world. Seattle is filled with influential people making great strides in healthcare, foundations, technology, business, and government; and we have managed to pick eight great ones. These eight Seattleites are all unique in their own way, influencing different industries, and following their passions. But what they all have in common is that they are all taking on challenges, delivering impactful positivity, and doing great things regardless of the odds. Before self-actualization, we must develop self-esteem that stems from the desire to be respected, accepted, and valued. It’s common to have a job or hobby that offers recognition to give people a sense of contribution or value. To achieve this, people have to step out of their comfort zone and into the limelight. That’s what the top 15 finalists of our 2016 Cover Girl Search had to do in order to make it as far as they did. In its fourth year, I must say that this year was the hardest to narrow down as we had a lot of amazing women enter the search. Our Cover Girl, Breann Bauer, exuded her passion for modeling from day one. Combined with her beauty, confidence, and kindness, she nailed it. All of the finalists worked hard and took the risk. I truly believe that each of them will go far, and we are honored to have them in this issue. The most important human needs are physiological. As air, water, and food are required to survive, shelter is needed for protection, which incorporates the need for safety. Where you live is your private, secure space where you can relax, refresh, and entertain. It’s important to feel comfortable, so we wanted to share tips on how to utilize your space and help you feel settled. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is only one theory on how we develop as humans. However, all theories include the basic principles and emphasize the need for the items mentioned above necessary to discover who you truly are. Life can be short or it can last over 100 years. However long you live, make sure you are being the best you can be. Remember that not everyone is going to be on the same level as you at different times or for various reasons. So until then, inspire love, be kind, stand strong in the face of adversity, and speak up against injustice. It only takes one person to change the world; perhaps it will be you. Charity Mainville Photo by: James Chang Photography PEOPLE ISSUE l VILLE l 9