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BE ENTERTAINED FIRE & ICE A Game of Thrones, the first book in the A Song of Fire and Ice series, was written in 1996. Since then, George R.R Martin has released 4 more books, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast for Crows, and A Dance of Dragons. The 6th installment, The Winds of Winter, and the 7th, A Dream of Spring, are still forthcoming and have been for quite some time. Martin has received immense critical acclaim and multiple awards for his incredibly detailed and spell bounding series. But when HBO aired its first season of Game of Thrones in 2011, his cult following exploded. Written by: Casey Martin / Photos: Helen Sloan/HBO In the past, readers of the series were always several steps ahead of the viewers. They could anticipate the next big event while simultaneously pointing out scenes that were not featured in the books. Now readers and viewers alike must helplessly watch the story unfold before them. George R.R Martin has announced that the 6th book, The Winds of Winter, will not be released before season 6 begins. Martin has fully embraced that the show is moving past him and is handling it quite well. He is currently helping the Game of Thrones writing staff and has even shared the saga’s ending with the producers. Last summer he attended the Sasquan science-fiction convention in Spokane, and he answered questions regarding the new book and Season 6. During this Q&A, he stated, “There was a period where I was worried about [the show]…then I said, to hell with that….I’m just going to tell my story, and they’re telling their story and adapting my books, and we shall see.” The Ranch airs April 1st. (photo credit: Now for years we have fiercely enjoyed watching the scandals, violence, treachery, and of course death that defines the Game of Thrones series. Season 6 is scheduled to air April 24th and the anticipation is killing us all. Many memorable and gruesome scenes occurred during Season 5. We all cheered as Cersei was paraded naked through the streets, cringed as Sansa married Ramsey, and our jaws dropped as the white walkers led an attack against the wildlings. Of course many more events took place, but the most heart wrenching was without a doubt the brutal stabbing of Jon Snow. Know-it-alls trolled Reddit posting potential theories, and diehard fans held memorials for poor Lord Snow. Although actor Kit Harington, who plays Snow, has recently been seen on set of Game of Thrones, it is still unclear whether or not Jon Snow is alive or dead. Besides Jon Snow being alive, some things I hope to see in Season 6 are Tyrion teaming up with Daenerys, Arya completing her training, and poor Sansa finally catching a break. A Song of Fire and Ice as well as the Game of Thrones series have captivated viewers and readers for years. At times we have been radiant with joy and other times filled with sorrow. It is truly a constant journey of ups and downs. Although The Winds of Winter will not be released before Season 6 begins, I am confident in George R.R Martin and the HBO writers to produce an amazing season. At this point we can pull out our hair and curse the gods for HBO’s takeover, or we can just sit back and enjoy. Whatever happens, just remember, valar morghulis. PEOPLE ISSUE l VILLE l 45