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HOME DESIGN OPTICAL ILLUSION When we move into a new apartment, we think of the whole situation as temporary, especially if the apartment is small. With bare walls and lackluster design, we trudge through our daily routines. Even though your situation may be temporary, it’s time to move in and make your apartment a home. Just check with your landlord first and let the fun begin. Quick Tips: Invest in simple furniture with good bones that has the ability to play double duty. Utilize every surface and corner for storage. Evaluate need vs. want when buying anything. Declutter monthly taking unused or useless items to a donation center. Set a 15-minute timer every day and see how much you can clean in that time. Invest in a blow-up mattress for last minute guests. Written by: Amy Gruntner / Photos: LIVING ROOM When furnishing a small living room, steer away from oversized, overdesigned furniture and stick to pieces with simple lines and a good structure; this will help your space not seem too crowded or smaller than it is. When designing a small space; functionality is key. You want furniture that can play double duty -- like a sleeper sofa or nesting tables that can be brought out to accommodate more people. Clutter can overcrowd a small space very quickly, so don’t go overboard when accessorizing your living room. Use glass objects and mirrors to reflect light, making the space seem light and airy. Add color to the walls and large paintings to create the illusion of windows. KITCHEN Depending on the size of your family, decide if a table in your kitchen is a necessity -especially if you already have an island that you can put stools around. If you’re low on storage space, install floating shelves and store ingredients in clear containers. Also, use an open shelving unit to store pots, pans, and dishes. For more prep space, get a butcherblock island with storage underneath that can easily be wheeled throughout the space. Use fresh flowers and potted herbs to add color. BEDROOM Keep things light and airy in the bedroom by using light-colored paint on the walls. Use small floating nightstands or stools to discourage clutter. Add modern wall sconces on either side of the bed to add a unique functional touch. Chances are your closet space is limited, so use clear plastic containers and switch between seasons. Store containers under your bed or on your closet floor. You can also get a metal clothing rack to hang clothing; purchase one with a flat bottom for shoe storage. BATHROOM The key to a tidy bathroom is to only keep products you are actually using. Before your monthly Sephora haul, toss items you didn’t end up liking or even trying. Organize makeup and cotton swabs in clear containers so you can easily find things. To make your bathroom seem bigger, use light colors and accessorize with a soft colorful rug and bright prints on the walls. SPARE ROOM If you have a spare room, ensure it serves a dual purpose -- like an office/guest room. To save space, use a daybed for guests. Get a desk that has plenty of drawers for storage. Install a closet system to serve as storage for everything that doesn’t have a home. If your spare room is your child’s room, keep it simple yet whimsical. Add pops of color with painted furniture, rugs, and wall art. Use bookshelves that are low to the ground for easy access. Store toys in wire baskets so it’s easy for your child to find exactly what they need. Donate toys on a monthly basis to clear clutter or make room for new items. If your children are sharing the room, use smaller beds, bunk beds, or a trundle bed to save space. 36 l VILLE l PEOPLE ISSUE