Ville Magazine l Insider Access for City Lifestyle Mar/Apr 2016 / People Issue - Page 13

TECH SPECS GOOGLE CARDBOARD ($20) Experience VR in a cost-efficient way. Google Cardboard is a VR platform that is built literally from cardboard in any way your creative mind would like it to appear. Simply download compatible apps and hold your smartphone phone in front of the lenses at the right distance to step into a whole new world. Bonus: Google has made it possible for every YouTube video available to be watched in virtual reality. SAMSUNG’S GEAR VR ($100) If you have a Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Galaxy S6, or Galaxy S6 Edge, you are the lucky ones that get to experience the Gear VR. Higher in quality and more comfortable than Google Cardboard, this headset gives you a 360-degree experience while watching Netflix, Hulu, playing games, experiencing apps, and watching films in your own created private movie theater. As if that wasn’t enough, Samsung has an exclusive interactive VR thriller series, Gone. FOVE ($399) Current VR devices use the physical direction that the user is facing to view different parts of a VR scene. FOVE is stepping it up a notch or two with an infrared-sensor that trac