Ville Magazine l Insider Access for City Lifestyle Mar/Apr 2016 / People Issue | Page 43

WHERE TO EAT D’ Talipapa For those people who wish to satiate their hunger for seafood, this is the place to be. The establishment is also known for the unique experience of choosing the freshest catch in the talipapa (small market) and comissioning eateries around the place to cook what they bought in any method they prefer. Real Coffee & Tea Cafe This cafe is the home of Calamansi Muffins, the most popular Boracay pasalubong (souvenir). Boracay Toilet Deemed to be the quirkiest restaurant in Boracay, the restaurant offers a unique dining experience with its toilet concept. The restaurant is inspired by Taiwan’s toiletthemed cafe and features toilet bowls as chairs, bathtubs as benches, miniature toilet bowls as plates, and witty (and punny) dish names. FROM DAY UNTIL NIGHT Mermaid Swimming (photo credit: Chris Crumley l The Philippine Mermaid Swimming Academy provides monofin swimming lessons with an exciting twist—instead of monofins, the students get to wear mermaid tails. Ariel’s Point Cliff Diving Ariel’s Point, the highest point in Boracay, offers a daytrip package that includes a boat cruise, BBQ buffet lunch, unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, afternoon snacks, kayaking, snorkeling, and cliff diving. They offer five different diving platforms which range from 9 ft. to 45 ft. high. Helmet Diving Take a plunge into the medium-depth Boracay waters and explore the underwater marine life. Using air helmet as a source of oxygen, participants can walk underwater and feed the fish. This is a safer and easier alternative to scuba diving. Pub Crawl The best and most social way to enjoy the Boracay nightlife is to join this bar-hopping tour. Participants are required to wear the tour’s iconic yellow shirt as they roam around the different bars in the island as one big group. Their goal is to turn strangers into friends. Fire Dancers At night the long stretch of the Boracay shoreline turns into a big outdoor bar that allows visitors to enjoy a vibrant and intoxicating nightlife, but the highlight of the night will be the talented fire dancers who perform in different spots along the shore. PEOPLE ISSUE l VILLE l 43