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COCKTAIL MAKERS WOMEN WHO LOVE WHISKEY Interviewed by: Lauren Adam l Photo: Megan Rainwater Women Who Love Whiskey was established in December 2014 by Bridget Maloney, Jamie Buckman, and Melissa Cross. It all started when Bridget and Melissa attended a whiskey camp for bartenders called Camp Runamok in Kentucky. Being surrounded by other women that were excited about whiskey inspired them to bring the love back to Seattle for what has turned into a new found sense of community and camaraderie. Originally the group was supposed to be for the food and beverage industry, but it has shifted into a hybrid consumer trade club with a shared passion for the spirit. Perks of the group include tastings, tours, a first look into what’s coming out next, and a bunch of badass drinking buddies. Bourbon or scotch? Any favorite brands or varieties that you’ve tried recently? Bridget Maloney: Scotch. I love bourbon, and I love rye; but I’m not a fan of sweet, and bourbon can be a little bit too sweet sometimes. Some of the sherry finishes that you get on scotch just have a really beautiful flavor. I’ll go on dates and be like, “I’ll have a Bruichladdich port charlotte neat,” and the guy’s like, “What?” There’s a whiskey for everyone whether they think so or not. Jamie Buckman: Scotch. Scotch is what took me down this path. I remember trying the Glen Morgan 10-year-old for the very first time years ago, and it was one of those ping moments. Are there any local Washington distilleries that are producing stand-out whiskey? BM: We have the highest amount [of whiskey distilleries] per capita of any city, county, or state in the U.S. JB: They’re all doing an amazing job. One of the ones that stands out the most is Westland. Putting out a single malt and only a single malt is a risky venture because it takes a lot of time. They are extraordinarily patient and informational when it comes to explaining what the process is and how they do it. 16 l VILLE l PEOPLE ISSUE