Ville Magazine l Insider Access for City Lifestyle Mar/Apr 2016 / People Issue | Page 12

TECH SPECS A NEW REALITY Written by: Charity Mainville l Photo: What if you could experience a place all the way across the world without actually being there? What if you could travel back in time to a moment in history and experience it like you were actually there? This possibility used to seem impossible, but this year that will become a reality … virtually… as the tech world continues to evolve. The concept of virtual reality attempted to make an impact a few years ago and failed. However, this year it has made a comeback with a vengeance and has taken over how we view what we deem as real. Some say it’s a fad, and some say it’s the future. It comes as no surprise that Mark Zuckerburg is in fully supportive with Facebook purchasing Oculus for $2 billion back in 2014. Some may say it’s a bad idea as already a majority of the world today lives vicariously through social media. This will soon allow the world to disconnect from one-on-one interaction because they will be able to do it virtually. On the flip side, some say it’s necessary to make strides in the health industry by testing procedures and cures that we have never been able to before. Besides Facebook’s Oculus, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, LG, Apple, and more have all jumped on the virtual bandwagon and have released consumer products that range from $20 to the hundreds. Here are the ones that are creating the most buzz. 12 l VILLE l PEOPLE ISSUE