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ST. URSULA VILLA ANNUAL REPORT Julia and Leigh Fox Lynn and Chris Futscher Vallie and Rodney Geier Fran and Shawn Gilreath Karen Haberthier Fran and Dennis Halaby Jessica and Keith Hall Chrissy Heubi and Mike Hazenfield MaryEvan and Stuart Hellebusch Michelle and Mark Herring KMK Law Margarita and Nick Keithley Susan and Kip Kerr Margaret and Dick Kuck Margie and Larry Kyte LaRosa's Family Pizzeria Lindhorst & Dreidame Co. Rachel and Adam Miller Rebecca and Brion Moran Terri and Paul Muething Ohio Valley Electrical Services Nancy and Rob Ortner Nirvana and Bimal Patel Marsha and John Payton Katie and Karl Pembaur Kelly and Ryan Postlewaite Jennifer and Max Qotb Laura Riehle Courtney Stables and Michael Roney Lisa and Craig Rowitz Stephany and Dan Ryan Ryan's All-Glass Tracy Sagester Scarpitti Financial Maggie and Tanner Schapman Genny and Thomas Sedler Robin and Rob Shoemaker Kathy and Ken Skau Lee and Peter Stautberg Lisa and Ryan Stover Cari and Ray Sullivan Carolyn and David Taylor Thacker Orthodontics Margie and David Tondow Kelley and Phil Tracy Robyn and Aaron Tucker Tiffany and Jeff Vollmer Lisa and Joe Wolfer Christine Burrows and Michael Yi Cahira and Kurt Zobrist Zobrist Design Group Contributor Up to $499 Andrea and Patrick Anater Teresa and Robert Anderson Andy Argo Construction, Co, Ltd. Linda and Andy Argo Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. Pamela Ashmore Cris and Frank Barnett Lyndsey and Dan Barnett Shannon and Jeffrey Barrow Sue Sparke and Sam Beatty Marty Beaver Maria Torregroza and Ivan Bedoya Sarah and Jeff Bentle Grace Berger Jacquie Berting Laurie and Marty Bidwell Amanda and Brad Birck Gretchen and Brian Bolan Kirsten and Kris Brandenburg Cari Brehse Gina and Rick Breitbeil Connie Brooks Amanda and Will Brooks Megan and Paul Budzynski CA Rabe-Austin Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Shannon and Bill Carey Amy and Matt Carley Shannon and Lee Carter Sharon and Tor Carter Katie and Charlie Carullo Elizabeth and Michael Caudill Toye and Chris Cavanaugh Heather and John Chamberlain Linda and Randy Chavez Carla and Carlos Cheng Lisa and Rick Chimento Clara and Tim Chlon Kayla and Matt Ciotti Kim and Joe Cleary Ashley and Steve Coffaro Gabriela Costantini Kevin Cross Susan and Rick Curry Niki and Chip Cutter Lauren and Justin Dammel Patty Dawson Katie and Chris DeNicola Lindsey and Ryan Derrow Frannie and Chris DiBattista Kim and Jeff Dietz Pam Dillion Suzy Dorward Julie and Jamie Doxsey Rula Driggers Debbie Dryden Polly Duplace Lauren and Al Early Debbie and Bill Ellis Katie Evers Julie Ezzell Theresa and Jason Faulkner Kathy Finkbeiner Tammy Fisher Emily Fortin Edita and Denis Freeman Linda Freese Susan Friedman Karen and Terry Garrard Cheri and Peri Georgiades Carsen Gerome Jennifer and Jonathan Gibbs Gibbs Insurance Associates, LLC Amy Agatucci and Ryan Gobble Lisa and Andy Goettsch Christine and Bob Groenke Brittany and Will Gruber Kristin and Andrew Guest Christina Guggenberger Beth Hake Susan Hall Kathy and Joel Handorf Lois and John Hanselman Jessica and Warren Harding Michele and Martin Hardrick Ashley and Kevin Hazel Emily and Ward Headley Holly Heekin Mark Heidrich Margo and Jim Heubi Kassey and Peter Hiltz Joyce and Paul Hintz Courtney and Rob Holloway Lindsay and Ryan Horan Diana and Doug Horst Andrea and Mark Hull Michael Humbert Tonya and Ben Hurst J. K. Meurer Corp. Holly Jackson Kate and Matt Jackson Mary and Joseph James Sara and Philip Jeck Sophie and John Jennewein Carolyn Rolfes and Greg Jodrey Abby and Jacob Johnson Beth and Casey Jones Catherine and Stevan Jones Mary and Kevin Jorgensen Kelly and P.J. Katien Jitka and Mark Kegelman Kendra Scott, LLC Kevin Kirwin Marianne and Dan Kirwin JJ and Ryan Knight Dina and Kush Kotecha Becky and Graham Krausser Kathy Krieger Kristen and David Krumanaker Karin Kruse Janet and Tom Kuzio Lea and Drew Lachey Jackie Lakey Lindy and Andrew Laurence Terri Lessnau Patty and Bob Livermore Charlotte Loflin 18