VillaVoice_Summer_2020 FINAL | Page 4

Villa Alums Legacy Families Create a Strong St. Ursula Villa Community These current parents give their children the exceptional foundation of Education, Faith, and Community they experienced as Villa students. Trey Savage (’78) with Ava, Class of 2020 Lisa Becker Reinhard, (’86) with Cole, 5th grade Rebecca Schoolfield Strub (’87) with Robert, Class of 2020, Roman, T4, Henry, 2nd grade, Lucy, 4th grade David Taylor (’87) with Teddy, 1st grade Lisa Bradford Goettsch (’88) with Emma, 3rd grade Annie Bolan Wittekind (’90) with William, 6th grade, Nora, 1st grade, Peter, 3rd grade, Luke, 4th grade Matt Stautberg (’91) with Charlie, Class of 2020 Emilie Schmidt LaRosa (’91) with Anthony, 3rd grade and Michael, 5th grade Chrissy Heubi (’93), with Harper 1st grade, Whitman,T2 and Millie T4 Ryan Horan (93), with William, T3 and Louise, T4 Peter Solimine (’95) with Charlotte, T4 and Gwendolyn, T3 Joe Wolfer (’95), with Annemarie, 6th grade, Claire, T4, and Elizabeth, 3rd grade Joe Coffaro (’96) with Emma, M3 Karl Pembaur (’96) with Thomas, T4 Rob Shoemaker (’96) with Kate, 1st grade Natalie Geier (’97) with Pfeiffer T3, Phelps, KG, and Glady, 2nd grade Lyndsey Wersching Hudson (’98) with Trey, 3rd grade Gunnar Pohlman (’98) with Darby, 4th grade Natalie Kerlakian Selker (’98) with Noah, T4 and Liam, 4th grade Will Brooks (’01) with Hunter, TK Dan Kerlakian (’01) with Roger, T2 Anne-Marie Coors Smith (’02) with Reagan, M3 and Riley, MK 3