Viewpoint Spring 2015

 MESSAGE FROM PRESIDENT CAL CONFER  SOCIAL EVENTS LIST     CONTEST WINNERS .. 1 .. 1 .... 2 CHILI COOK -OFF ......... 2 POTLUCK PICNIC ........ 2 FRIENDS OF HERITAGE HILLS UPDATE ............... 3  COUNCIL MEETINGS ... 3  EVENTS, NOTICES ...... 3 MEMBERSHIP REPORT . 4 TREASURER REPORT ... 4 WEBMASTER REPORT .. 4 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ...................... 4     Spring 2015 Island View Drive and Area Ratepayers’ Association Newsletter Viewpoint ISLAND VIEW DRIVE AND AREA RATEPAYERS’ ASSOCIATION WAS CREATED IN 1975 FOR THE PURPOSE OF BRINGING THE PERMANENT AND SEASONAL RESIDENTS TOGETHER IN AN INFORMAL, SOCIAL, MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL UNION. Spring President’s Message Cal Confer Winter has passed and spring is slowly arriving. In my message I want to comment on our rising municipal taxes and the excellent work by members of our Ratepayers Board who give us this colourful newsletter and wellorganised events, which give us — the membership — a chance to interact with one another. I was pleased with the response to our photo contest which brought forth many interesting pictures of the area. Thanks to all who submitted entries and congratulations to the winners. Be sure to mark May 30th on your calendars for the Great Kemble Chili Cook-Off. For $5, you will be able to sample six different chili recipes (including vegetarian), coleslaw, bread, dessert, and beverage and mingle with friends. I hope to see you May 30th at Kemble United Church 11:30 to 2:30. You may have heard that our taxes are going up by only 2%. If only it were indeed true. The 2% figure excludes the increase in assessed value (7.1% in my case) and reflects a decrease in Grey County taxes and an expected education levy that will be flat to lower. The 2015 Georgian Bluffs budget calls for a $1.2 million (16.7%) increase in tax revenues compared to 2014: $8.35 vs $7.15 million. While there are significant increases in OPP costs (+$156,725) and roadways (+$439,800), $75,000 has also been set aside toward a proposed $700,000 expansion of the municipal office building. The airport and biodigester consume $405,750, +$24,250 over the 2014 budget. Fortunately, funds are also being put into reserves thereby ensuring the long term fiscal health of the municipality. Lastly, I look forward to seeing you at our annual meeting the morning of July 18th at the Kemble United Church. Reminder: check website for latest news SOCIAL EVENTS Invite a friend to join you CHILI COOK-OFF  MAY 30 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING  JULY 18 ANNUAL POTLUCK PICNIC  AUGUST 23 More details available on our website: