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For this first time since the football team ’ s debut in 2011 , the Mustangs have found national spotlight in the Division III rankings — and their march continues .
As of Nov . 7 , with one game remaining , the Stevenson University football team ranked at No . 24 in the American Football Coaches Association Division III poll and No . 23 in the D3football . com Top 25 . At one point in the season , the
Mustangs were ranked No . 12 and No . 14 , respectively . The record is 8-1 overall , 7-1 in the MAC .
Stevenson ' s 8-0 start was the best in the six-year history of the program , well eclipsing last year ' s 5-0 beginning . As this issue goes to the printer , hopes of post-season play remain high . Visit gomustangsports . com for the latest on the team ’ s progress .


Ventures made its first online debut with the Summer 2016 issue . Since then , we ’ ve been keeping track of the page views for each item — and the results have been interesting .
From June 20 through Oct . 18 , there were 1,056 page views site-wide , including 387 views for the landing page and 669 views for individual articles . The most popular article was the “ Study Away at SU ” feature , with 88 views , followed by a tie between the “ Meeting Veterans Where They Are ” feature and the news item about the 2016-2017 Baltimore Speakers Series , both of which had 73 views . The average time spent on the site was 1 minute and 21 seconds .
Data such as this is critical to the editorial process of Ventures ; we need to know what you want more ( and less ) of when planning future issues . As of the printing of this issue , it ’ s too early to conclusively determine similar results for the Fall 2016 issue . But make sure to read it — and this issue !— for exclusive , online-only content . Visit and bookmark stevenson . edu / ventures today .


The Student Success Center . Located in Garrison Hall on the Owings Mills campus , the new center will even better position Stevenson ’ s students to thrive in their academic and professional careers . The center will include student support services , including student coaching , veterans affairs , disabilities , study abroad , career , and more . Look for more about the Student Success Center in the Spring 2017 issue of Ventures .
Holiday 2011 2013 Ali Blais has launched a new website to promote her brand as a certified yoga instructor. She specializes in power sequences that exercise the mind, body, and spirit. She left her career as Director of Development with the American Heart Association to follow her passion for wellness and hopes to one day own her own studio. Caroline “CJ” Durham '13M has been named head coach of the women's lacrosse team at Augustana College in Rock Island, Ill. Previously she was with Hanover College in Indiana where she was charged with starting the women's lacrosse program from scratch. CJ got her start in coaching as a graduate assistant at SU. Randy Bond and his wife, Elizabeth Kyte Bond '14, welcomed their first child, Brooks, on June 30. Gary Gray was recently accepted into the prestigious MBA program at Howard University. He has worked for more than a year at Howard as an employment recruiter and enjoys the campus community life. Cierra Norris married Hank Jackson on Sept. 12, 2015, and the couple have a son named Easton. She is now working part time at BB&T while enrolled at McDaniel College in the Counseling Education Program with the goal of becoming a school counselor after completing the three-year program. Rachael Hartman and Lawrence Serra '10 were married in August 2014. Jessica Swing received a Master of Arts degree in May from the University of Baltimore, majoring in Publications Design. 2012 Audrey Buchanan '12 '14M began working at Anne Arundel Medical Center as a data analyst last January and four months later was promoted to Senior Quality Data Analyst. She is a member of the Advisory Board for the Healthcare Management graduate program at SU. She became engaged on May 29, 2016 to James Williams, a law enforcement officer in Washington, D.C. Rachel Buchanan '12 '13M began training in May for a position as a Forensic Chemist with a federal agency. She graduated in August and began working in September in Miami, Fla. Previously she was a lab tech for the U.S. Army Public Health Center. Kelly French is graduating in December with a master’s degree in public health in Health Services, Policy and Management from the University of South Carolina. In 2015 Michael Manning was accepted into Teach for America and began a rewarding career in the classroom. He is a science teacher and the science department lead at the Monarch Academy in Baltimore City. Michael sends his thanks to the entire SU science department for their persistence, knowledge, and willingness to recognize potential in their students and the ability to awaken that potential. Laurel Moody, RN, MS, MSN was honored with the 2016 Maryland Star of Life Award for Emergency Medical Services for Children from the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services System. This award recognizes an individual or program that has demonstrated ongoing dedication and commitment to improving the care for children and for promoting family-centered care in a Maryland EMS prog &"7FW&V2767F@&fW76"bW'6rB5RࠣdTEU$U2tDU"#b#p&7FVV&W6BFVW's0vV6VBFR'&fbFV"f'7B6B&W'FW"Vǒ6F( 6( W'&s2sT0W"6V6BV"v&rFRFWF70FW'FVBB5R2FR767FB7'G0f&FF&V7F"दRvFW"&V6VfVB7FW"bVGV6FFVw&VR666V6VƖr7BV'g&ФVfW'6G'BB7F&W 6R6WFVBFR7BF&VR676W2VVFV@F&RƖ6V6VB6V6V"RƗfW2WpW'6WB6WFW2FFVWfW'FG&fVƖr&WGvVVGv6622f֖ǐ6V7F26V6V"F&fFR6V6VƖpB67VFF6W'f6W2F7GVFVG2@f֖ƖW2ࠣ#@G&Wr&W"2v&r5^( 2F֗760ff6RvW&RR2FR6V6V"f"7GVFVG0g&W''v66&F&P6VG2vV2FVv&R6WFW&WrW'6WV7FW&V7f&6&FWfFWrW6BWFvR7GVFVBB5RG&Wrv2&76F"FRF֗762ff6RR6VB4666W"6W'fVB2&W6FVB`֗76vRBv2V&Ɩ2&VF0F&V7F"f"FR4tF"VƖ6'"2v&r2767F@FV6W"BFR&&W"66vw0֖2BvƖ( &( 6'&vsD0&VVFVBFWWG6֗76W bFR6V7W&FW2Ff6FRfW&@FW'FVBbf6&VwVFPVBFRFf6#r26V7W&FW0W֖W"BB6W'fVB2F&V7F"`W֖F2BVf&6VVB66P#B&26W'FfVBg&VBW֖W"vF&RF#V'2bWW&V6RFP6V7W&FW2GW7G'BR2V&W"bFP766Fb6W'FfVBg&VBW֖W'2@FR'FW&66V7W&FW2F֖7G&F'0766FधVƖGV6W"sBsTv26VV7FVBF6pFRFFVGW&rFR6F7fRBf&Wv&2VǒBBv26'B`FR6&FRद6Wv&B6FƖvVF"s2&PVvvVBB&Rr2f"f#pvVFFrࠤ&'WF'&VB6&7FW"&VsBVR#RBFR6WRvV6VBFV"f'7@6B7F&W"ࠤ&v֐++7F'B ++fB`6FBFRv@7F~( 2f6R2WࠤfRgVvFW"fW'v&v֒vB7FrF2ƖF6V67WBWBFP6V7FF6FVB'FRvFRFGFVBƖR&VrBfrFW6R7G'V7F2&W3FRFbW"&v֒vB7FrB7BB5^( 2f6V&vRBf6V&67FWfV6VfW'6Gv^( vfRvgBf"VFF.( 266Pv&BVFW"&F&R7VW'26W&W2F6WG2"F6WG2f"WBV.( 2'VB7FW"&7B6rW2vB^( fRvB6fGFW7Fr6&v֗7Fp#PG&VR'&v2VBFR'BFwV&BB2v&r2֖ƗF'Ɩ6Rff6W"ࠦ&v֐6F6W6"Ԧ6sT2v&r266VFf2Ǘ7BBFRF7FGWFW2bVF&WFW6FB6VV2v&r27&W"6V7W&GǗ7B@VF2v6wFB2ࠣ#`V&W"G&fVVBFFRƗW2VǒF6W'fP267F&W6W&6RvVVBfVFVW"FPV6R6'2RvVBF&Vv&R6W'f6RG&r@v27v&2V6R6'2fVFVW"6WFV&W B&Vv2GvV'2b6W'f6RVvFU&6R2v&r2V"w&0FW6vW"BF2F"VBfWB&V֖WFW'22v&r26VB6V7W&GVvVW"BFRԕE$R6'&FGFWr( GN( vV2v&r2&&F'FV66FR&6W'f6W2FW'FVBBFW&f6W"&6fRBgFW"w&GVF7BG&Wf"&FGvvVV&'F&vBG&F7&VR2v&r@W7fR֖FFR66FV6r6VvRB6&VW &VFW72B2W'7Vr7FW"w2FVw&VR66rVGV6Fg&VfW'6GG&666WW"2v&r2'W6W72W&F0766FRBDT77FV2fW"B१W'6֗F2v&r26V6F07V6Ɨ7BB6&Tf'7B&VT7&72&VU6VBR7v'B27F'FVBW"v'W6W724R6V6F2v6&fFW2767F6P'W6W72BW'6V&Ɩ2&VF2FW6v@66VFVVG2खV&Ӡ&7FVR6&WsBVǒ"#`ƖFF&VRw&W7FfbsrFV2##@&&W'Bg&Ɩ4Ɨ7FW"stVrR#`6G&VF'&FRזW'2scVrR#`&26ƶw6( $FV2##P7BTPrWfRBPr2T6RprGR@f6RGBW0rW7B@FFpB@"fBFR&6&"f'v&@6FBFRf2f6rRFVGW&BfW"6FBFPvB7Fr2f6rvg&RR6V@7FfRG&vR␠2fBFRG&vP6V7FFFRVgBFRRvFFRW&f"FRfFVfW FR֖FFRࠬ++vFWBvR ++