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Since 2013 , the Center for Environmental Stewardship ( CES ) has been a part of the Fine School of the Sciences . The center ’ s mission is to “ cultivate an environmentally literate citizenry and support educational opportunities and programs in environmental science and sustainability .” By promoting civic engagement and volunteerism , the CES works to keep the environment and neighboring communities healthy .
Kimberly Pause Tucker , Ph . D ., Director , Center for Environmental Stewardship and Associate Professor of Biological Sciences , says that she and her students have worked hard during the past few years to get the CES where it is today . “ We are excited that there are so many great faculty , staff , and students who are interested in sustainability , and we hope that through our efforts and the efforts of others that sustainability and community service become an even bigger part of the SU culture .”


In October , Stevenson launched new interactive campus maps to make it even easier to navigate its two campuses . When prospective students and their parents — as well as alumni coming back to see what else is new — visit campus , the University wants their experience to be a great one .
Visitors can now refine the search for their destination by campus , including a more specific breakdown by academic building , residence hall , athletic areas , dining facilities , parking , and shuttle bus stops . Other miscellaneous categories include campus stores , areas reserved for meditation , and quads .
Each location is marked by an icon and accompanying description . For added convenience , there is also a comprehensive search feature where any name or keyword of a campus structure can be entered with results immediately yielded in real-time .
Want to see what our campuses look like today ? Go to stevenson . edu / maps .


Construction is underway for a pedestrian walkway through the forest buffer between the main Owings Mills campus and Owings Mills North to provide easy access for students , faculty , and staff .
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ADVANCING THE MISSION VISIT HopeLodge to learn more about Alumni Make a Difference. Alumni Make a Difference at the Hope Lodge The inaugural Alumni Board Service Project took place on March 29 at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge in Baltimore. Members of the Alumni Board prepared dinner for a group of individuals receiving local cancer treatments, along with their caregivers. Coordinated by the Alumni Board’s Engagement Committee, the event was a great success. According to Committee Chair Blaire Miller ’05, the experience “really brought us closer together but it also shows our commitment to the community.” The committee intends to host an annual service project and to support the efforts of service initiatives developed by Stevenson students. Alumni volunteers received a generous donation of food from Terra’s Kitchen to prepare that evening. Thanks to the generosity of two members of the company’s marketing team, Jaime Elwood ’01 and Mike Tyler ’02, ingredients were supplied for a chicken dish that was served to 40 guests. Following the meal preparation, volunteers were able to sit down and enjoy dinner with the guests residing at Hope Lodge. This event truly demonstrates the meaningful impact that can result when our alumni continue to engage with their alma mater. Alumni at New Student Move-In Day Alumni Board members Donna Kahoe ’94 ’99 (third from right), Chris Engel ’89 ’91 (far left), and Marcie Wood ’93 ’97 (not shown) volunteered to help with New Student Move-In Day on Aug. 25. Alumni Day at Boordy Vineyards CLASS NOTES We are grateful for the scholarship support provided by these new members of Stevenson Partners: Element Financial Corporation Enterprise Holdings Mister, Burton & French Xenith Bank We also recognize the ongoing support of these members that have chosen to renew their commitments: M&T Bank RC Contractors | VENTURES/WINTER 2016-2017 Patricia “Pat” Raftery Kelly is very proud of her grandchildren. Shannon Kelly Will is studying for a Ph.D. in physical therapy from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, and Jason Anthony Will is a senior at the University of Maryland majoring in business. Their mother is Pat's daughter, Laura Kelly Will '83. Jennifer Verch has joined Hertzbach & Company, P.A. as a senior manager in the Healthcare Industry Services Group. She is a member of the Stevenson Alumni Association Board. 1983 Wendi Wagner Peters was appointed by Governor Larry Hogan to a Cabinet position as Secretary of the Maryland Department of Planning effective July 6, 2016. She previously served as Deputy Secretary of the Department of Planning and has 25 years of experience in municipal government affairs. 1986 Dawn Stefanik '86 '95 participated in Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Summit on June 29 at Howard University in Washington, D.C. The Oncology Nursing Society was asked to submit names to participate in this event, and of the 11 names submitted only six were chosen, one of whom was Dawn. Other participants included physicians, researchers, and advocacy groups. The Vice President and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, hosted the event and actress Carol Burnett was the moderator. The goal was to generate ideas on various topics related to cancer to help the Vice President focus on the best way to move the Cancer Moonshot Initiative forward. Dawn is the Nurse Manager-Infusion Center and Infusion Pharmacy at the Sandra and Malcolm Berman Cancer Institute at GBMC. Toyota/Lexus Financial Services Julia Pettingill Webster, CPSM, was recently promoted to Marketing Manager, Environmental at Rummel, Klepper & Kahl, LLP. In this new role she will work to leverage her experience with the company's Environmental Group, where she has concentrated her efforts over the last two years, and will be dedicated to this group in elevating their marketing and business development efforts. Julia received her professional registration in 2009 as a Certified Professional Services Manager. 2002 Ugonna Anyaugo DPM, FACFAS, is now Board Certified by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery and is a Fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons. 2004 Kisha Belton graduated in May with a Master of Science degree in Strategic Communications from Columbia University's School of Professional Studies. In early 2016 she was promoted to Director of Communications for Somerset County YMCA in Basking Ridge, N.J. 2006 Jessica Bensley recently moved to Oregon to accept a Senior Global Product Management position with Keen Footwear based in Portland. She previously worked at the Original Muck Boot Company/Honeywell in Rhode Island. 2007 Michele Giannini Price and her husband, Matthew Price '05 '06M, are expecting their first child in January 2017. Beverly Bareham CPA, PA PNC Bank 16 2001 Asset Strategy Consultants PMM Companies Stevenson alumni and friends gathered at Boordy Vineyards on Sept. 24 to enjoy wagon rides, winemaking tours and tastings, and refreshments at the SU alumni tent. 1960 2009 Dawn Stefanik ’86 ’95 was honored to participate in the Cancer Moonshot Su [Z][[KX]\ܘYۈ^][ H LH\ܚ[\Hܙ[XY[\[HX[[H]I]ܛ^IٙXKH[\\ؘ[ ܙY[YYHXHKX[BZ[ۈ]Y\ KZXY[\]H SH\H[[܈XB\Y[وX\X\]H\X\]Y[\X\X\]K[ݙ\H[[Y\H\š[\Y]Y[][Y^[][HH][ۘ[[[\][ۘ[]ܙ[^][ۜX]B[[ܘ]X][ۘ[[Z]YHXX[X\]Y[[XZ[[X\K\X[ \[YYX\H\™ܘYX]HY]X\ [HX\[ [ؙ\\HY[ٙ\ܜ›وXH]K\X[\Y\ۂ]]HXXH]X[HZ][ܘ[X[[ܛٝۋY HܘYX]YB\][YH]Hܘ]H[[X[XK\[]\\HX\X[]H]X\[܈X\HوH[]YHX\B\[H[[[[ܙH]K܈YX\B\X\ٝ[HYHZX[\B۝[[ۈ]HX\HXٙB[[Y\XY[ܘ[KX]\Hو\B\۝XYHX\H\[ HXY[›X\HXY^[KH[\Y]Y܈H[B\XHۈY[H۝[[ۋ[H\š[YY[H]\X]\YۈB۝ݙ\وHXY^[K L[[ܛK [\YK\BX][ۙ\[YH^[X[[[ܛ L\BY[[HH\وZ\\[ X\ZXY[ ܛۈ[H K\^H[\^H[[[ L\BX\YY[ L[\YH[\[Y ^B]Hۜ[] ]K\]BYX\ [HZXY[ \YHYX\› [\H^X[Z\\[[X Mˈ\^H\[X[[]\^H ˋ[\HX[Y\]^[܈[˂[X\H8'[x'H[^H\ܚ[\˜Hܛ\\\\][Z[H [[”\X\و\[KY\X[[B\X\˂X]\[[Z[[\\ؘ[ X[[YYZ\\[ [ۂۙKܛۈX\ K M[HY\[[[\\ؘ[ \ [YYHۋX\ۈ\[  MNNLؙ\8'ظ'HZ[\[\YKY[\K[YYZ\\[ [[\[ܜ\^Kۈ\[ ˈ؉Y[\Y\ \HB\\HH؈ZJHܙ]\[ Y[YZ[]QH L KH]H]’\^HܙH[Y[Y]֕ N •H\ H][X]H[H[]\[[ Z[]Q[Y[XK[[[KH[X\H[HBX\H[\[\][ۈ\ۘ[[ٙ\[ۘ[XY][Y[X\XYK[Z[K][ [Y[[ܚY\و[\[YH]KXZ][\][XHXZ[[[[H\][ۈ[]\]K]\[Y\ MLHܙY[[[^H ][ۋQ LMLL NXHK[XZ[Y\][ۋYN܈XZ][Hۛ[B]][ۋYK\ۛ\˂USӋQKUS‚ M‚