Ventures Summer 2017 - Page 7

WELCOME TO SU these abilities, we are educating students who will not only contribute to the economy through successful careers but will also help their communities as thought and change leaders. V: What do you think makes Stevenson distinctive from similar liberal arts institutions? EH: There’s no question that Stevenson has taken the right approach by integrating a classical liberal arts education with career preparation. The University prepares students for today’s economy while supporting the best traditions of American higher education. This is what students and their families look for when it comes to being prepared for the modern and emerging global workforce. V: What do you anticipate your first steps will be as you begin your presidency? EH: The first and most important thing is for me to listen broadly and learn about the campus and the aspirations and goals of the community. Of course, there are always issues that require immediate attention and I will work col- laboratively with members of the community to address these issues. V: Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, President of UMBC, com- mented that you care deeply about students. What are some ways in which Stevenson students will see this first- hand? EH: Freeman is very gracious to say this and I appreciate it! Students will see a lot of me. I enjoy having lunch with students, hearing their perspectives, and attending ath- letic and cultural events on campus. Also, I have deep respect for students and I always try to be direct with them in addressing their questions and concerns about campus issues. STEVENSON.EDU | 5