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Kevin J . Manning , Ph . D ., assumes his role as Villa Julie ’ s fourth president . A week of events are held on campus leading up to his inauguration on Oct . 28 .
Villa Julie is named as one of the 2002 “ Best Values in Education ” in the U . S . News & World Report ’ s ranking for Northern Comprehensive Colleges .
Villa Julie unveils plans to build a second campus on Owings Mills Boulevard , starting with the construction of gardenstyle apartments to house more than 500 students . President Manning is selected as one of Maryland ’ s “ Innovators of the Year ” by The Daily Record for his introduction of the Career Architecture SM planning process .
Villa Julie opens its first College-owned housing complex on the Owings Mills site with seven residential buildings housing more than 540 students . The College announces plans to build more housing at the site scheduled to open in fall 2005 .
The College agrees to buy the former Baltimore Ravens training facility from the City of Baltimore . The facility , originally built in the late 1970s for the Baltimore Colts , brings Villa Julie ’ s Owings Mills campus to 48 acres . The facility includes two full-sized fields suitable for soccer and lacrosse and one half-sized field .
CLASS NOTES ALUMNUS PROFILE 1957 Sue O’Brien Carl cruised the Mississippi River from New Orleans to Memphis on the newly christened riverboat “America.” She writes that she learned of the glories and agonies of the Old South and ended her trip with a visit to Graceland. 1977 Robyne Resnick Hock is working at Sinai Hospital/LifeBridge Health as Corporate Business Office Coordinator and Executive Assistant to the Vice President, Revenue Cycle. 1986 Christine Clements, Microbiology Lab Manager at Carroll Hospital, was presented with the Patient Safety Hero Award in August. An associate at the hospital since 2014, Christine was honored for her work as part of the Antibiotic Stewardship Team, which is focused on improving patient safety and the appropriate use of antibiotics at the hospital. The award is presented to caregivers who work to create a culture of patient safety, including listening to patients or their family members and encouraging them to ask questions at any time, improving communication and teamwork, and addressing potential safety concerns. 1990 Pamela Johnson Caple ’90 ’92 ’02M writes that her son, David, is a freshman at Stevenson majoring in visual communication design. He anticipates graduating as a member of the class of 2020. Pamela is excited that her son decided to attend SU and knows he will have a great educational experience. 1996 Joy Keller ’96 ’98 was recently promoted to Court Administrator for Dorchester and Somerset Circuit Courts. 2005 Chanel Cottman ’05 ’07 and Andy Anderson were married on Sept. 24, 2016. The wedding and reception took place at the Great Room at Historic Savage Mill in Savage, Md. ary Hicks has been appointed to the G Maryland State Board of Nursing by Governor Larry Hogan for a four-year term. He is the Director of Education at University of Maryland Upper Chesapeake Health (UM UCH) and is the first nurse from that organization to be appointed 20 | VENTURES/SPRING 2017 to the Maryland Board of Nursing. Gary has worked at UM UCH for 29 years in a variety of nursing positions. He is a certified emergency nurse and worked in that field for more than 18 years. In 2006 he was named Nurse of the Year by Upper Chesapeake Medical Center and was appointed Director of Education in 2013. Gary also serves as an Adjunct Nursing Faculty Member at SU. Rebecca Schoen had an exciting 2016. In December, she received a Master of Fine Arts degree majoring in 3D Animation and Visual Effects. In October, she accepted a position at Ubisoft in San Francisco, Calif., as a Collaboration Tool Specialist. And in November, she married Mark Clark. Find Your Passion and Change the World Alumni Board volunteers returned to the Baltimore Hope Lodge in December to prepare a home-cooked meal for individuals undergoing cancer treatments at local hospitals. Board Members dined with the guests and enjoyed a winter concert by a Peabody musician following dinner. 2006 Congratulations to Corey Polyoka who was selected by the Baltimore Business Journal as one of the “40 Under 40” honorees for 2016, a group of outstanding young professionals under the age of 40 who are making noteworthy contributions to Greater Baltimore’s business, their companies, and the community. He is a partner in Foodshed LLC/ Woodberry Kitchen. (Read more about Corey on next page.) 2007 Monique Couteau Shapiro and her husband, Dave, welcomed their first child, Elijah, in September 2016. Brittany Rossen and her husband, Steven Brown, purchased their first home in Thurmont, Md., and are excited to move in and start renovating. ministration) did not anticipate that the application he was owned restaurant in Hampden, would eventually lead to his 2008 Courtney Sagal was promoted to Director of Operations at Irvine Nature Center. Her previous position was Director of Community Engagement. during his final semester, Corey Polyoka ’08 (business ad- filling out for a position at Woodberry Kitchen, a locally Amanda McGown and her husband, Michael, welcomed the arrival of their second daughter, Allison “Allie” Jane, on May 27, 2016. She joins big sister Kaylee, who is three years old. Amanda was also an adjunct faculty member at SU from 2011-2013. Jennifer Kinsel is a K-2 art teacher at Homestead Wakefield Elementary School in Bel Air, Md. She received a second bachelor’s degree in art education from Towson University in 2016. On April 1, 2016 she was married to Sarah Groves. As he sat in the Student Union on the Greenspring campus Stephanie McKeithan Hessie is working at Stevenson as Assistant to the Dean in the Berman School of Nursing and Health Professions. 2009 Tabitha Dean received a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Towson University in August 2016. Katie Seymour Johnson is working as Director of Security at Professional Security Consultants in Glen Burnie, Md. She and her husband, Robert, have three children: Lillian Marie, born in 2013, and twins Sophia Marjorie and Evelyn Ann, born in April 2016. role as Partner and Director of Operations of Foodshed LLC. Polyoka made the decision to attend Villa Julie College be- cause he was looking for a local liberal arts institution with diversified courses and a strong business program. He was also confident that he would find a sense of community at VJC. As a student, Polyoka liked that many of his professors “embraced environmental issues surrounding business prac- tices” and made an effort to bring discussions of that nature into the classroom. 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