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Women ’ s Swim Team , Coach , Finish Strong

Coach , Players Honored at Eastern College Football Awards Banquet

Stevenson University senior defensive back Austin Tennessee and football head coach Ed Hottle led a total of seven Mustangs who were honored on March 2 at the Eastern College Football Awards Banquet at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford , N . J ., home of the NFL ’ s New York Giants and New York Jets .
Tennessee was honored by the Metropolitan New York Football Writers and American Football Networks as the Rocky Myers Division III Defensive Player of the Year . Hottle was recognized as the ECAC Division III South Coach of the Year . In addition , Tennessee , senior Billy Lewis , junior Dan Williams , senior Devonte Williams , junior Preston Addo , and sophomore Ashton Leschke were recognized as ECAC All-Stars .
Tennessee , named a consensus First Team All-American by D3football . com and the AFCA , was also selected as the D3football . com East Region Defensive Player of the Year and the Middle Atlantic Conference Defensive Player of the Year . In 2016 , Hottle led the Mustangs to a 9-2 record and a final ranking of No . 20 in the D3football . com Top 25 in the team ’ s sixth season . Stevenson earned its first Middle Atlantic Conference title with an 8-1 conference record , the program ’ s first NCAA appearance , and Hottle was the MAC Coach of the Year .
In just the program ’ s third season , the Mustangs finished in fourth place at the 2017 MAC Swimming Championships while scoring a program-record best 349 points . At the event , the team broke 16 of the 18 records and finished with a school record nine medals with two gold , five silver , and two bronze . Sophomore Colby Stein won the first gold medal in program history after taking the 100-yard backstroke with a school record time of 59.18 before freshman Melanie Milam picked up the second gold medal with a first place finish in the 200-yard backstroke , in a school record time of 2:07.39 . Head coach John Stuhltrager earned Coach of the Year honors for the 13th time in his career .

New Heights for Indoor Track and Field

The Stevenson men ’ s and women ’ s indoor track and field teams have set a new standard : breaking records . This season the men ’ s team has broken seven individual records as well as the 4x200 relay . The relay finished in a time of 1:30.86 , which ranks sixth collegiately and second in Division III . Meanwhile , the women ’ s team has broken eight individual records as well as three relays . Freshman Danika Ani ’ s school record shot put throw of 13.82 meters , ranks first in the MAC and sixth in Division III .
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THE LEGACY OF A PRESIDENT “Kudos for your transformative leadership at Stevenson and for the strong and innovative leadership model you Manning’s tenure is well worth a look back. Watch From Strategy to Reality : The Presidency of Kevin J. Manning, Ph.D. at established for a MICUA presidency. That model has resonated in the Baltimore region and in Annapolis. Personally, I thank you for your generous collegiality ever since my arrival at MICA.” 270% INCREASE IN ENDOWMENT Samuel Hoi, President, Maryland Institute College of Art Under Manning’s leadership, Villa Julie College saw a change in name and status, becoming Stevenson University. Today, the University has seven Schools and the student enrollment has doubled since 2000. Recognizing the importance of career education, Manning’s administration made it a priority, introducing the concept of Career Architecture SM , unique among American universities. Today, Stevenson alumni report an average 92 percent job and/or graduate school placement rate for its students within six months of graduation. During his tenure, SU raised more than ADDED 1.2 MILLION SQ. FT. $10 million for scholarships, improving college access and affordabillity “You will be missed as a visionary by all and as a role for thousands of students. Some of the most visible signs of Manning’s impact on the University can be seen in its physical growth. Stevenson created a second campus in Owings Mills, transforming the University from a commuter school to a residential campus and Owings Mills into a “college town.” Additionally, in terms of property, the size of the University is more than double what it was in 2000 with a 500 percent growth of actual facility space. Today, the Kevin J. Manning Academic Center, which opened on Owings Mills North in fall 2016, is the University’s largest academic space at 200,000 square feet. As we look ahead, Manning’s tenure is well worth a look back. This article reviews some of his many extraordinary accomplishments. SU model of composure and professionalism by those TOTAL DEGREES GRANTED: 11,837 TOTAL who have the honor to know you as a friend. ... Dr. Manning, such a mission seemed like a matter of course for you... But to us, it was extraordinary, and every meeting with you made us ask ourselves how we could also transform young lives for the better.” Gilbert R. Trout, Director of Investment Real Estate, Trout Daniel & Associates LLC 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 President Manning approves the University Restructuring Plan adopted by the Faculty Council, effectively creating a six-school structure headed by deans. The University announces the completion of "Inspiring Students, Building Careers: The Cam- paign for Stevenson University" on December 31, raising more than $20.4 million. Stevenson announces its acquisi- tion of the former Shire Phar- maceuticals property adjacent to the Owings Mills campus on Nov. 15. The site adds 28 acres and 168,000 square feet of space to the campus. The University signs an agreement with the Maryland Bible Society to curate the society’s collection of manuscripts and historic Bibles, including a rare 400-year-old first edition of the King James Bible, \\وH][ۈ[]\]B\]\X[ۋ][ۈY[&\XܛHX[B\\\]\PH]B]H MLM[ݙ\\\[]]HوXH[۝و[ܙH[ ][[[X[Y[[[Y[XBۈX^H ۈ\[ H LY ][ ۞H]\[[\B[YYXܞH\[Z[Y]YHو]\[Y][BۈH[Z[[\\˂H[\H\ܙX]YB][ۘ[H[ۙY[YB\\\[\][ۈ۝[\X\[[8&\XۛZX][Y[[YX][ۈXY\܈H]YX™\\[ۈوX\[[8&\KB]]]H]\H]H[]\]x&\œXۙ[X[X\[[\[›ۈXˈ \Y[X[[[[\\]\[Y[ۈX\ LY\ MYX\و\[HKB[ۈ[][]K][ۈYX]\H][ۈ[]\]B\]\x%[]X]YH\Y[X[[%HY[[YY]][ۈ[\[X\[ [H\\[\XX[H\\ۂHܙY[[[\\ۈ[\^K K][ۈ[]\]HٙXX[B[]]وX[ٙ\[ۜ]][ ][ۈ[X]\H[[ق \]X\KY][X[[XKB[ZX[\ۈ]Yˈ ݚY[\\\™܈H]\Hˈ[HوHY[\H[H\X[و\[[X[ٙ\[ۜ[Y][ۘ[XH܂Hو\YۋXYH[[Y[[Hو][۸&\\ܞK][ۋYKX] []\]KZ\ܞKLSTTS M”USӋQB L