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At Stevenson , change is always in the air — so much so that Su ’ s signature green could be ascribed to its constant growth .

“ This is a particularly exciting fall as we open our largest academic building ,” says President Kevin J . Manning , Ph . D . “ Stevenson ’ s new Academic Center will provide state-of-the-art instructional resources for the School of the Sciences and the new School of Health Professions as well as space for the School of Design .” Yet the benefits of this space aren ’ t limited to these three undergraduate Schools — the new Center will touch all areas of the University , not just during its debut semester but for years to come .

Crunching the Numbers

In 2011 , Stevenson purchased the former Shire Pharmaceuticals property located adjacent to its Owings Mills campus . In 2013 , the 18,000-square-foot School of Design building opened for its first classes , but the campus ’ second building , the pharmaceutical company ’ s primary manufacturing facility , needed further work to be classroom-ready . In partnership with builder — and longtime University friend — Howard Brown , Stevenson was able to renovate the existing space at a fraction of the cost of what other universities would pay , says Tim Campbell , Executive Vice President for Financial Affairs and CFO . “ By working with Howard Brown , we were able to renovate this building much more efficiently than it would have taken to produce such a state-of-the art facility by starting from scratch .”
Now , the renovated building more than triples the amount of space currently available to the School of the Sciences and School of Health Professions . The 200,000-square-foot building also will house classes and studios for the School of Design as well as a third University library , the Learning Commons . And the University as a whole will benefit from the Academic Center ; the recently vacated space on the Greenspring campus will allow more opportunities for expansion by the School of Education and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences .
For the three Schools , the University was able to add :
• 19 general classrooms ,
• 120 offices ,
• 5 conference rooms ,
• 6 studios ,
• The SoLVE ( Solutions for Learning and Vibrant Education ) Center ,
• And more than 40 teaching , research , skills , simulation , computer , and specialty design labs and studios .
“ In addition to all of the new academic space , we also gained approximately 18 acres of attractive campus space , which bodes extremely well for the future ,” Campbell says . “ We have very effectively , efficiently , and economically acquired space that will make it conducive to grow the University ’ s enrollment capacity .”

Three Schools , One Location

How will each of the three Schools housed in the Academic Center use their space ? Judiciously , and with great anticipation .
Jeanne Geiger-Brown , Ph . D ., Dean of the School of Health Professions , says that students in the nursing program — the largest major at Stevenson — will benefit from the new facilities from their first year on campus . “ There are now three fully outfitted large , bright skills labs where students can learn , earlier in their academic careers , more basic healthcare skills , such as suctioning and inserting various tubes like a Foley catheter or nasal gastric tube ,” she says . There are also more beds and examination tables to teach students how to perform complete physical exams on manikins .
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ALUMNUS PROFILE Irvin Davis retired two years ago after working at the Social Security Administration for 42 years. is enrolled in the healthcare management program and Andy in the business and technology management program. Robert Lin is employed as a Senior IT Analyst at Duke University in Durham, N.C. Lesley Lookingbill and her husband, Ron, welcomed two grandchildren this year. Mason, son of their daughter and son-in-law, was born on June 10 and Marcus, son of their son and his wife, was born on June 24. Jeannie Sikorsky Dunphy and her husband, Nick Dunphy ’03, are proud to announce the arrival of their first child, Liam Joseph, born on April 10. The couple began dating in 1999 while students at VJC, and they were married in 2007. 2005 Shayla “Shay” Bryan Powers and her husband, Mark, are expecting a second daughter in August. Brynn Marie will join big sister Amaya, who turned 3 in June. 2006 Megan Harrell ’06 ’08M and Jeffrey Mahaley ’08 were married on May 13 at the Valley Country Club in Towson, Md. The couple honeymooned in Laguna Beach, Calif. and Las Vegas, Nev. Lori Lang Lee and her husband, Eric Lee ’03, welcomed their second daughter, Ella, in December 2015. She joins big sister Clara, who was born in December 2013. 2007 Christina Kramer was promoted to the position of Program Expert at the Social Security Administration in Woodlawn, Md. She previously held the positions of Claims Authorizer and Operations Analyst. Andrew “Andy” Levy and his fiancée, Kelly, are the proud parents of a son, Andrew James-Wayne, also known as A.J., born on May 9. A.J.’s parents are both studying for graduate degrees at Stevenson. Kelly entertainment guide covers activities, sports, restaurants, special events, lifestyle, and more. 2009 Diana Davis ’09M is the program director for Langton Green, a nonprofit organization that provides assistance to adult individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities. She is also a live-in counselor at one of the Langton Green residences in Annapolis, Md. Ashley Ward has joined the Baltimore law firm of Goodman, Meagher & Enoch, LLP, where she practices in the areas of litigation, personal injury, workers’ compensation, and family law. 2010 Reginald Jordan received a law degree from St. Thomas University School of Law and is working at the Law Office of Rhonda Framm in Owings Mills, Md. Jo-Ann Middleton recently completed the Master of Science degree in Nursing from Simmons College in Boston through their online FNP (family nurse practitioner) program. She took the FNP certification exam during the summer to practice in Maryland. Jo-Ann credits the wonderful faculty at SU who propelled her forward to maximize her potential and her love of working with patients to achieve their health and happiness. Suzanne Packard graduated summa cum laude with a Master of Science degree in Information Assurance from Capitol Technology University in May. She works as an Alternate Information Systems Security Manager at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory. Megan Kane Karcher and her husband, Justin, welcomed the arrival of their first child, Grant Anthony, born on Jan. 28. Jennifer Cecchetti Whitfield and her husband, Bryan, welcomed the arrival of their first child, Lucy Harper, on March 23. Kimberly “Kim” Moxley is working as an Addictions Counselor at Carroll Hospital Center in Westminster, Md. 2012 2011 Katie Street McMichael ’11 ’13M and her husband, Mark, welcomed their second son, Landon Tyler, on March 22. He joins big brother Sawyer, who turns 3 in October. Arden Haley has been working for five years as a graphic designer and web specialist for What’s Up? Media, a magazine publishing company for the Annapolis, Eastern Shore, and West County areas in Maryland. The program assisting survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking. She graduated in May from the University of Maryland, Baltimore with a master’s degree in social work. In June, she passed the social work boards and is now a licensed social worker in Maryland. After almost 11 years of dating, Renae Hunter and Brian Diller became engaged on May 7. Oyinade Koyi recently accepted the position of Assistant Media Manager at The Museum at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) in New York City. Kayla Wilson completed her first year at Michigan State University College of Law in May. She writes that it was a challenging year and has been interesting to experience life outside of Maryland on a Big Ten campus. Mentor on a Mission “I think the most important thing in life is integrity. You build your own character,” says Alphonso Mayo ’14, a recent human services graduate with a passion for giving back to both his community and his alma mater. “We wait for someone else to take the next step,” he adds. “I didn’t want to wait Megan Andrews officially launched her small business in January. Here Comes The Bling, LLC is an onlin R&WFVRFB7V6ƗW07W7F&W7FR6FrvgG2@66W76&W2f"WfW'Ff6'&FW27'G2FV27V6WfVG2B&R6P2rFWBFR'W6W72F6P6&WFW'2Vvw&FW2( vWFW"N( 2'&F'G'W6W72"7'G2FVpf"6R7&RvRfRFV6fW&VBf"Fw2&Ɩr( Ф&F6w&2FR767FB&W6FVFF&V7F"f"Uv&2v&B6VGf"6VRV6R&V6W6RvBbFBW'6WfW"7FW3vBbVPWfW"7FWvBFFfFRFW'2FFRFB7FWvBFFfFRFW'2F7W'BRFW"( Фw&vrW&F&R6GfVB6Vb6VVrWBR&RFV27V622v66fF&66F2VBF&VƗR2Ɩf^( 2vâVpBv2f֖ǒV666BFRW'6W>( r6W&V7B2G&6W( PVgBBV6W2ג''B( b6VFW"BFPW( "&vB6VV'&FVBFR6WF`מ( 2W'6rFVw&VRࠦFW'2B7&VFr'GVFW2f"7V66W72FVvRVgB&F&RgFW"2#bw&GVFg&v66FfF&B'F6&Ɩ6VG&VfW'6GRV&VB6gFW'v&BFBPv2vrF&RfFW"R&WGW&VBRBfVBB6VvrFfB7FVGVVBvFWB6VvRFVw&VR6RFR&֗6RF2w&G&VG0FBRvVB7&VFR6FfRVv7f"2f֖ǒ'&WGW&rF6VvRआR66R7FWfV6gFW"V&r&WBFRV6bG2WrfF&&w&ࠤ֖W7FR&WVbV&&66WGFW g&F7B##`S3s3ࠤw&VV7&r6W0F&WVFRvFRFW"6VV'&FcFRSF&WV672bc`#FRV&&66WGV&W'2bFP676W2bCcRvfR6WfV@FV"SזV"fW'6'֖W7FRࠤ֖W7FR676W2bssbbBdTEU$U2d#`V6R6F7B6&ǖFVv2vFVW7F2BCC233B#c"'VB6FVv47FWfV6VGRࠣ#026VR6V&6rf"'GVGF6vR2ƖfR62( ĒFF( @&V"&FV6vw&GVFVBg&FRVfW'6Gb'B&F&PvF7FW"b66V6RFVw&VRV7V VF6RR2v&r&W6V&6"@FRvW"WR7FGWFRB20B2FW'7VRF7F&FRFVw&VRࠦVvvƖr6FV֖72fF&f֖ǒBv&WBRvVB6V6Rb6VGF&VRw&FW2FB6R2frw&VBV"6RVVBG&F2fVv0BFRF֖6&WV&Ɩ2B6Rv0&FVBFVBFW&7BB"222$FW&धW7FR'Vv6&V6VFǒw&GVFVBg&Ф'FW&Ɩ2VfW'6G6VvRbpBFFRƖ2&"W֖F@FRVBbVǒvR666Rv2VFF"f"FR'FW&Ɩ2VfW'6Gr&WfWrW7FR2&VrG&wW"VFW"27FF^( 2GF&W"FVfV6P6V6VGW&rFR7VW"b#R6Rv0fRFrF&VƖWfR'WB&VƖWfVB7FWfV6( 2fVW2( Ф27GVFVBFWFRw2WW&V6Rv2FffW&VBg&FBbFW"7GVFVG2BFB7&VBFvfR&6gFW"w&GVFrg&7FWfV62FRf'7BV&W"b2f֖ǒFV&6VvRFVw&VR66WFVBgVFR6FvF6W'f6R6&FF266RvW"767FrBGf6Frf"FfGV2vFF6&ƗFW2P6VFVW6ǒ&VvFWfVr2v&v旦FVF&rVF'2F7W'BVFW'6W'fVBWF26VGG2v2F&fFRFVV2BVpGVG2vF'GVFW2FFWfVƖfR62BvfR&6FFV"6VGF&VvfVFVW&66f6G2662BFW"&v旦F22'B`2v&G26vRFFfRv6&FW26V6Rb7W'BB6VGf WFFR&F&R&VखFFF2Gf6FRf"FR5DFf%7FWfV66vf 7&V6rV'F6F( ĒG'Vǒ&VƖWfRFBB2&WGFW"FvfRFB2F&V6VfRbRfR'GVGFV6VRvvVF( BS( R62ࠥ5DUdT4TERtdp#