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Stevenson Announces Dick Watts Athletics Hall of Fame Class of 2016

Eight individuals and one team will comprise the 2016 induction class into the Dick Watts Athletics Hall of Fame . President Kevin J . Manning , Ph . D ., will be the first to be inducted in the Emeritus category . Field hockey and women ’ s lacrosse player Tracey ( Whetstone ) Cantabene ’ 95 , men ’ s lacrosse player Peter Nee ’ 96 , field hockey player Holly Chattin-Smith ’ 00 , women ’ s soccer player Adrienne ( Justis ) Tamanini ’ 03 , men ’ s basketball players Wade Henninger ’ 05 and Anthony Fitzgerald ’ 06 and longtime athletic department administrative assistant Fran Fidler will be inducted
on Saturday , Oct . 22 at the Hall of Fame banquet during Homecoming and Family Weekend . In addition , the Hall of Fame will also recognize the 2005-2006 men ’ s basketball team as a Team of Tradition .
Including this year ’ s class , the Dick Watts Stevenson Athletics Hall of Fame , founded in 2014 as the University celebrated the 20th anniversary of the start of NCAA Division III athletics in 1994 , consists of 24 individuals and four Teams of Tradition . Nominees for this year ’ s class include those who graduated from Stevenson ( formerly Villa Julie College ) in 2006 or earlier .

Andrew Bordelon Named Men ’ s Soccer Coach

Andrew Bordelon was named the seventh head coach in men ’ s soccer program history in June 2016 . He comes to Stevenson after three seasons as the head coach at Westminster ( Mo .) College . Bordelon took over the Westminster program in the spring of 2013 and guided the Blue Jays to the round of 16 in the NCAA tournament , the deepest run in program history , and a 13-9-1 overall record that included a Saint Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference ( SLIAC ) tournament title . He was named the NSCAA Central Region Coach of the Year .
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THE NEW ACADEMIC CENTER LEARN MORE about what the new Academic Center has to offer at over a cup of tea just as often, if not more so, than they do in sharing all of the outstanding things our faculty, staff, and the classroom, studio, or laboratory. ‘Space and place’ matter, students are doing in terms of their scholarship and creative and the richness of this kind of interdisciplinary learning works,” Gorman says. “This type of repository will allow us to environment will benefit everyone.” recognize and celebrate more effectively all that we’re doing as The Learning Commons Yet another innovative new space in the Center is evoking great enthusiasm: the Learning Commons. Stevenson’s third library will give a new meaning to the concept of active learning. Susan Bonsteel, Director of Library Services, explains the pollination of disciplines will occur, says Susan Gorman, Ph.D., everyone in the School of Design together on this campus will Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs. be inspiring as this move affords us opportunities for greater “I do think that our students benefit from interacting with interdisciplinary collaboration and, therefore, increases our students from the School of Design,” says Geiger-Brown. “Nursing capacity for innovation and growth in art, communication, is informed by humanities and arts, so for our students to learn fashion, film, and visual communication design,” she says. how those students use expressive media to convey their ideas is “The enhanced and expanded studios in the Academic Center a great opportunity. As for being housed with the School of the provide students with access to faculty, technology, equipment, Sciences—only good can come from that.” and workspaces all in one place.” 12 | Durmowicz agrees that having the School of the Sciences and Additional features for the School in the Center include new the School of Health Professions together on the first floor of the art studios, printmaking facilities, letterpress studio, darkroom, academic center will be beneficial. She is also excited about the digital labs, and fashion and textile studios that, Hostalka says, potential for working more closely with the School of Design. will give students more spaces and resources to work on their “We’ve had innovative collaborations through the years but this projects and greater flexibility in how to best realize their design offers more opportunity to truly realize that potential.” ideas. Finally, the communication studio, a lab and home base Hostalka also sees the connection. “Designers, like scientists, for courses in writing, design, journalism, and public speaking, use scientific knowledge and research to solve problems and will serve as a much-needed “hub” for the many business make discoveries,” she notes. “The process of innovating through communication program activities. biomimicry, for example, uses the natural world as a catalyst The Center also includes an additional School of Design for developing sustainable designs for anything from products gallery—the University’s fourth arts exhibition space, located to buildings. Similarly, when working with healthcare clients, on the second floor—that will further showcase the work of designers use research data and feedback loops to inspire more students, faculty, and professionals. effective tools and strategies for communicating with patients.” Blending the sciences with the arts in one building fits neatly Overall, says Gorman, there are now many more opportunities within Stevenson’s mission as a liberal arts institution, and for collaboration and learning—both informal and formal—across the aforementioned gallery is just one of many places in the School and department lines. “Students and faculty will find expansive new Academic Center where this beneficial cross- themselves sharing ideas with each other in a hallway nook or VENTURES/FALL 2016 a great resource for the University; it will help us to recruit and retain not just excellent students but talented faculty and academic leaders as well.” A Game-Changer genesis of the Learning Commons. “Last fall we conducted an Durmowicz says that she has spoken with several prospective observational study of students at Greenspring and Owings Mills students as they have come through the Center. “‘Amazing” and to see how they use space, how they interact, and what they’re ‘incredible’ and ‘unbelievable’ are the words they’re throwing actually doing in the library—studying alone, working in groups, out. This kind of building for science is not something you’d using books or laptops, or even just talking. We compiled and expect to find at a liberal arts institution—the number of labs, used that data to plan the Commons.” the dedicated spaces for all Schools in this building—it’s just “The Learning Commons was designed to reflect best practices being a creative community. “The synergy created by bringing a community of scholars. In time this collection will become exciting.” in contemporary library learning spaces,” Gorman elaborates. “In From Campbell’s perspective, the Center’s positive addition order to remain a vital force in education, libraries and librarians to the University is twofold. “When s GVFVG2B&VG26PfRBFw&rBFBF6vrV&r&Fv2FPFVW6W2FR6FV֖26VFW"W2&W76ࠦRb7FWfV6( 2WrƖ'&'&VfV7G2FRWV7FFFBv^( &RrFBGW&vV6RV&VBV&W'>( @BbfV&R6&VBV&rvFR6RFW&R( РBrv^( fR6Rf"F6RFFF7GVFVG2v^( fPFRv2f"FRV&r62F&RvV6֖r@7&V6VBW"6FV֖266GvFGG&7FfRWr6W0fW&R76Rf"FfGV"w&W7GVGBWfVF&7F6PvRV6֖6ǒBVff6VFǒ&fFrFRVfW'6G672&W6VFF2F2FVVBFFRFW6v6W6`vF'GVGFWBV&VBg&'W6W706&fFR&2&VBFRW&WFW"bFRƖ'&'F@7FGB7FWfV62r6FFw&rvFW@6&R&W6W'fVBf"W6RF&VvWBFRV"'&vBV&V'VFr&R'VFw2ࠦfVGW&r&Vg&W6VB&"B6f'F&R6VFr6V@( VFFVǒF22vR6vW"FR7B6FfR`RFRWrV&r62V"FW7FFf v3w&VB'VFrw&VB6W26G&'WFrFw&VFW 7GVFVBf7VGB7FfbƖRࠦw&wF( Р5P( 7GVFVG26&V6VfRƖ'&'6W'f6W2FBFWfBBFPFW"Ɩ'&'6F2( &7FVV62( FVvFW&R&R&B6V7F2&26&R&WVW7FVBB&V6VfVBF&Vv6W2Ɩ'&&2v&RBFVvF&W6V&6FWfVv&62WfVG2B&VfW"7GVFVG2FFW 6FV֖26W'f6W22VVFVB( FRR2FBFRV&r62vf7FW FW&F66Ɩ'6fW'6F2vrVRg&FffW&V@FW'FVG2Fv&FvWFW"B6&RW'7V7FfW2( 6P6FVW2( vRvBF'VB6VGbV&W'2@&W6V&6W'2VRv&RFW&W7FVB6&&FrF7&VFRWr&V7G2( FR76R2VF7GVFVG2g&ЦF66ƖW222FRƖ'&'FR66b'W6W72@VFW'6BFRV&r&W6W&6R6VFW"Bw&VV7&r( vR6FBv^( &R( RƖ'&'F&VR6F2( ( ФFW"W6FrƖ'&'FFfRVFW'vF2V"06VFW&VBWFRFb66&ǒ6V6F( FP'&VrWw22fVGW&W2v2BFR&FW"FRVfW'6GFRF&VR'FBV6VVG3FR6FV֖26VFW"vr&Rv2FRWfr6FV֖26VFW#FR66bVF&fW7622&VV&VVB6G&"&W&66`W'6rBVF&fW763BFP66bFR66V6W22r&WfW&ǒfR66bFR66V6W2f"&Pf&FFW6RW6Fr6vW2@7FWfV6VGR6FV֖26VFW"BFPvFW"77VRbfVGW&W2ࠦWr&W6V&6B7G'V7FƖ'&&vv7FfbFPV&r62vW7F&Ɨ6&6W72f"6V7Fr@5DUdT4TEP0