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New VP of Marketing and Digital Communications Named

Stevenson is pleased to announce the appointment of John Buettner as Vice President of Marketing and Digital Communications , effective since July 1 , 2016 . Buettner brings a wide range of expertise to the leadership responsibilities of his new role , which he served in an interim capacity for four months . Previously , Buettner was the University ’ s Associate Vice President for Digital Communications , overseeing the web team , the SU Now Portal , media relations , the video production team , and emergency digital communications . He originally joined the Office of Marketing and Digital Communications in February 2009 as the Assistant Vice President of Public Relations .
Buettner holds a bachelor ’ s from Washington College and a master ’ s from Villanova University . He has more than 20 years of experience in journalism , public relations , and marketing , with 16 of those years spent in higher education . He previously served as the Director of Media Relations for Washington College ( 2000-2006 ) and the Media Relations and Web Manager for the University System of Maryland Chancellor ’ s Office ( 2006-2009 ).
During the final year that Kevin J . Manning , Ph . D ., will serve as the University ’ s president , Stevenson will take the time to reflect upon his accomplishments , his impact on SU ’ s growth and evolution , and his dedication to students , faculty , staff , and alumni . Track these events , celebrations , memories , photos , and more on the dedicated “ Celebrate 17 ” website at stevenson . edu / celebrate17 . We will continue to add to this site throughout the year , so please bookmark and visit it frequently as we begin to bid farewell to our visionary president .
BE SURE TO VISIT stevenson . edu / celebrate17 throughout the 2016-2017 academic year as we pay tribute to Kevin J . Manning , Ph . D .
THE NEW ACADEMIC CENTER At Stevenson, change is always in the air—so much so that Su’s signature green could be ascribed to its constant growth. “This is a particularly exciting fall as we open our largest For the three Schools, the University was able to add: academic building,” says President Kevin J. Manning, Ph.D. “Stevenson’s new Academic Center will provide • 19 general classrooms, state-of-the-art instructional resources for the School of • 120 offices, the Sciences and the new School of Health Professions as • 5 conference rooms, well as space for the School of Design.” Yet the benefits of this space aren’t limited to these three undergraduate Schools—the new Center will touch all areas of the University, not just during its debut semester but for years to come. Crunching the Numbers In 2011, Stevenson purchased the former Shire Pharmaceuticals property located adjacent to its Owings Mills campus. In 2013, the 18,000-square-foot School of Design building opened for its first classes, but the campus’ second building, the pharmaceutical company’s primary manufacturing facility, needed further work to be classroom-ready. In partnership with builder—and longtime University friend—Howard Brown, Stevenson was able to renovate the existing space at a fraction of the cost of what other universities would pay, says Tim Campbell, Executive Vice President for Financial Affairs and CFO. “By working with Howard Brown, we were able to renovate this building much more efficiently than it would have taken to produce such a state-of-the art facility by starting from scratch.” Now, the renovated building more than triples the amount of space currently available to the School of the Sciences and School of Health Professions. The 200,000-square-foot building also will house classes and studios for the School of Design as well as a third University library, the Learning Commons. And the University as a whole will benefit from the Academic Center; the recently vacated space on the Greenspring campus will allow more opportunities for expansion by the School of Education and the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. 10 | VENTURES/FALL 2016 • 6 studios, • The SoLVE (Solutions for Learning and Vibrant Education) Center, • And more than 40 teaching, research, skills, simulation, computer, and specialty design labs and studios. “In addition to all of the new academic space, we also The additional space also includes four up-to-date, ICU- to do more and different types of research throughout our gained approximately 18 acres of attractive campus space, level care simulation rooms that will be used to simulate adult curriculum.” One example she cites is cell culture research. which bodes extremely well for the future,” Campbell says. critical and chronic diseases, infant illnesses and emergencies, “Faculty who already conduct this research will have more and “We have very effectively, efficiently, and economically and childbirth. “We have the capacity now to give students the better support, and faculty who don’t now have the capacity acquired space that will make it conducive to grow the best environment to practice what they’re learning. Here, they to pursue their research in whatever direction it takes them.” University’s enrollment capacity.” can make a mistake and not hurt anybody, and they can go Two other programs in the School that will further flourish back and correct the mistake,” Geiger-Brown explains. “This are environmental science and biochemistry. Environmental allows the students to develop confidence and competence in science has a research and teaching lab that it previously lacked their critical-thinking skills—they go beyond learning tasks to as well as a freestanding green house, and biochemistry now thinking like nurses.” has a dedicated teaching lab. Three Schools, One Location How will each of the three Schools housed in the Academic Center use their space? Judiciously, and with great anticipation. Jeanne Geiger-Brown, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Health Professions, says that students in the nursing program—the largest major at Stevenson—will benefit from the new facilities from their first year on campus. “There are now three fully outfitted large, bright skills labs where students can learn, earlier in their academic careers, more basic healthcare skills, such as suctioning and inserting various tubes like a Foley catheter or nasal gastric tube,” she says. There are also more beds and examination tables to teach students how to perform complete physical exams on manikins. Medical laboratory science students will benefit from a new “Having these spaces is great,” Durmowicz says. “We’re microbiology lab where they can focus on identifying organisms not trying to fit these programs into other spaces that are not that cause disease. This, she says, will prepare them to more designed for them.” immediately contribute to their first jobs after graduation. One particularly welcome new feature is the SoLVE Center, “All medical laboratory science and nursing students take an innovative academic support program focused on developing anatomy and physiology, and the new teaching area supports students’ relational and problem-solving skills. “The SoLVE what students need to learn in these subject areas,” Geiger- Center allows students to take information learned in a Brown adds. “I think that when students look at the facility, chemistry or math course, for instance, and apply it to real- they’ll see that it’s a place of active learning, a place where they world problems,” she says. “It’s a different way of approaching can be fully immersed in the life of a healthcare professional.” academic support and teaching and learning and it helps our For the School of the Sciences, Dean Meredith Durmowicz, Ph.D., foresees much of the same. “First and foremost, the students retain the information better. It keeps their interest: They’re learning without knowing they’re learning.” Center has so much more space, particularly dedicated space Although the School ͥ́ѡ=ݥ()ȁЁɕ͕ɍѥٔɹt̸͡ͅq]eٔ()5́9Ѡ̰́ͥ!х()ɕ͕ɍɥձɔȁͽѥܰݗeɔ()4ٕ́ѡЁѡѥ́ѡ()ѼѼѡЁȁݥѠѡչ() ѕȁݥѡMѼɔձɕ锁́٥ͥ()MQY9M=8T()((0