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Turncraft’s exclusive Patent pending, cap and base is held in place with pressure tabs that automatically and perfectly center the cap and base on the column shaft. There is no need for screws, nails or construction adhesive to hold the cap and base in place. Squaring the cap and base is much easier since there are no fasteners, you simply make any necessary adjustments after the cap and base is slid into pace. Once the cap and base are in position a good quality latex based caulking should be applied around the cap and base where they meet the column. • PATENT PENDING PRESSURE TABS • “GREEN PRODUCT” MADE OUT OF (RECYCLED FIBER REINFORCED ABS • EXTREMELY STRONG AND DURABLE • SELF ALIGNING WITH NO FASTENERS Packing & Installation Ring Another Turncraft innovation is our new packaging & installation ring. This patent pending product protects our columns from damage by holding the column firmly in place in the carton, eliminating any rolling when unitized. Once on the job site this packaging & installation ring doubles as an installation tool for the top of the column working in conjunction with our new TimeSaver C&B for perfect installation every time. • EXCELLENT PAINT ADHESION • FAST INSTALLATION • DESIGNED FOR USE ON ROUND FRP COLUMNS IN 8”, 10”, AND 12” SIZES [email protected] 1-800-423-3311