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HOME |A BOUT |PR ODUCTS |CONTA CT ATTIC STAIRWAYS | DOORS & BI-FOLDS | MIRROR DOORS | POCKET DOOR FRAMES | ENERGY SAVING PRODUCTS P R O D UCT TY P E ATTIC STAIR W AYS | KNEE W ALL AC C ESS DO O R S | SC UTTLE DO O R SYSTEMS STA I R W A Y TY P E | ENER GY SAVER | THE R -5 ENER GY SAVER | THE R -10 ENER GY SAVER R-10 ENERGY -SAVER I NSU LATI NG P ACKAGE F EA TUR ES: Factory installed certified R-10 Rmax insulated door system Meets the provisions for the IRC Foam Plastic C ode Heavy duty 3/8" smooth BIRC H plywood Extra 1/8” hardboard cover to protect the insulation from damage (code requirement in some areas) Factory installed “bulb” type perimeter weather-stripping Taped edges around insulation to protect and minimize loss of R-value U-factor of .10, R-value of 10 (entire unit) Lifetime warranty on our “no sag” coil springs B ENEF I TS: Meets the intent of Item 5.3.2 of the ENERGY STAR® Qualified Homes. Version 3, Thermal Enclosure System Rater C hecklist The Marwin C ompany “R-10 ENERGY SAVER” insulating package means your stairway is ready to install without any insulating problems or wasted time. Our factory installed insulating panel is more durable and less likely to become damaged. Damaged insulation reduces its efficiency. Our factory applied weather-stripping has the following properties: Helps reduce air leaks and can withstand temperatures of up to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Assures a proper seal, by remaining pliable, with low memory retention for long lasting service. Other PVC weather-stripping may become stiff and crack or split. Is securely fastened and won’t peel off or curl-up like most adhesive backed, field applied, “foam” weather-stripping. Helps meet the following LEED categories: Energy and Atmospheric credit 2.2 (Enhanced Insulation Exceeds IEC C by 5%) Energy and Atmospheric C redit 3.1 (Minimal Envelope leakage) TO O R D ER : The Marwin C ompany “R-10 ENERGY SAVER” insulating package can be easily added to any model stairway. Select any of our Wooden or Aluminum models and ask for the “R-10 ENERGY SAVER” insulating package at the time of order.