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HOME |A BOUT |PR ODUCTS |CONTA CT ATTIC STAIRWAYS | DOORS & BI-FOLDS | MIRROR DOORS | POCKET DOOR FRAMES | ENERGY SAVING PRODUCTS STA I R W A Y TY P E W O O DEN | ALUMINUM | THE ENER GY SAVER | THE R -5 ENER GY SAVER | THE R -10 ENER GY SAVER | ALU M I NU M ATTI C STAI RW AY S MO D ELS –375 lb duty rating –Aluminum sections –Heavy duty galvanized steel hard-ware with "Safety Edge" –Adjustable Foot Support with rubberized foot pads F EA TUR ES: Fully assembled and ready to install Easily adjustable spring tension Full-width continuous hinge C omplete easy-to-follow installation instructions included Solid aluminum rivets at steps for a secure fit Pull-down rod with eye hook (shown in inset image) O P TI O NS A V A I LA B LE: ENERGY SA VER, R-5 ENERGY SA VER & R-10 ENERGY SA VER Extra-tall available for 10-12' ceiling height FSC certified plywood C ARB certified plywood D-Blaze Fire retardant treated plywood (for more information, see below product image, or click here) SP ECI F I CA TI O NS: R ough O pe ning Ce iling Landing P roje ct ion He ight (1) (2) Mode l # T-80 22½" x 54" 8'9" 58" 66" T-81 22½" x 54" 10'4" 66" 76" T-100 25½" x 54" 8'9" 58" 66" T-101 25½" x 54" 10'4" 66" 76" T-200 30" x 54" 8'9" 58" 66" T-201 30" x 54" 10'4" 66" 76" 90" 92" T-2212 22½" x 63" 10'-12' T-2512 25½" x 63" 10'-12' 90" 92" T-3012 90" 92" 30" x 63" 10'-12' For more durability and strength, these heavy duty aluminum models give extra utility to what is already the best value component in a home—valuable attic storage. O P TIO NAL FIRE RETARDANT TREATMENT: The upgraded (9mm) plywood used on our Fire Treated Stairs is treated with D-Blaze fire retardant which meets the UL standards for the designation of FRS Rating. This means that the treatment has met the 30 minute test standards for Flame Spread, Smoke Developed, & Fuel C onsumption to achieve the FRS designation by Underwriters Laboratories. The fire retardant treated plywood used in The Marwin C ompany, Inc. stairways carries a C lass I or ‘A’ rating which is recommended for areas where fire hazards are most severe. Materials with the lowest rate of flame spread (0-25) are classed by all building codes as C lass I or ‘A’. D-Blaze’s flamespread characteristics have been tested and approved by the following applicable standards: - NFPA Standard No. 255 - ASTM Standard E-84 - UL C lassified with FR-S Rating