Vendor Door Catalogs LJ Smith Inner Artistry | Page 6

6 Design Choices 5040 2011 5015 5035 5200 2111 5300 P2015 P2115 P2915 5V15 5V35 Choose the Look Block Pin Iron Horizontal Wood Baluster Options : Beaded Fluted Twisted Octagon Pin Top Balusters B F O Your Design F F F F F B F O B F B F B F F F Aesthetic Options : Blocks align with handrail Blocks align with Treads Most of our wood turned balusters are available in either option Check with your dealer for wood baluster species availability . B F O 5060 5060V C5060 C5060V 5070 Round 5004 5067 5141 5360 5360V C5360 C5360V 5370 Round 5005 5090 P2005 P2105 P2905 5V05 5V25 Square Top Balusters Your Design O B F F F F F F F F F O B F B F B F F F F Horizontal Infill TUBE CABLE Standard Tube , Cable or Panel PANEL