Vendor Door Catalogs LJ Smith Inner Artistry | Page 4

Design Choices

Stairway Elements

Handrail & Post Layouts
Post to Post
Post to Post to Over the Post
Over the Post to Post to Post
Over the Post
Handrail & Post Options
Beginning Handrail Choices
Handrail direct into newels
Gooseneck Transitions
Climbing Volute
Standard Volute
Beginning Step & Post Options
Vertical Volute Starting Easing Your Design
Starting Step Stacked Starting Step Notched Newel Flush Mounted
Handrail Profiles Create a Unique Look on Level Runs
LJ-6005 LJ-6010 LJ-6109 LJ-6210 LJ-6400 LJ-6519 LJ-6601
LJ-6701 LJ-6900 LJ-6A10 LJ-6B10
Your Design