Vendor Door Catalogs LJ Smith Inner Artistry | Page 21

21 Standard Style Options Horizon Collection Adjustable Knuckles are generally used with PLA44 LI-ALAK02 LI-ALAK03 LI-ALAK05 LI-ALAK04 2KNUC44 2KNUC1BASK44 1KNUC44 2BASK44 1BASK44 DBLTW44 2TW44 1TW44 Finesse PLA44 AK01 30144 50144 60144 LI-WAVE44 LI-PLA40BLY LI-NWLBASK48 LI-NWLTW48 All Iron collections can be used with any non-plowed handrail Contempo LIH-HOL166144 LIH-HOL166244 LIH-HOL166344 LIH-HOL166444 LIH-NWLPLA