Vendor Door Catalogs Hager Residential Hinges | Page 2

RESIDENTIAL HINGES Hager residential hinges are provided without lubrication. We recommend lubricating the hinges after installation. All residential hinges conform to the “Light Weight” requirements of ANSI A156.1. Finishes (not all hinges are available in all finishes) 2 US & Hager Description Steel Brass Stainless Steel 1D Black 631 N/A N/A 2D Brass Tone Dichromate 604 N/A N/A 2CD Brushed Zinc Plate N/A N/A N/A H2H Mechanical Galvanized N/A N/A N/A 3 Bright Brass 632 605 N/A 3LB Light Brass N/A N/A N/A 4 Satin Brass 633 606 N/A 10A Antique Brass, Lacquered 641 614 N/A 10R Matte Lacquered Antique Bronze N/A N/A N/A 15 Satin Nickel 646 619 N/A 26 Bright Chromium Plated 651 625 N/A 26D Satin Chromium Plated 652 626 N/A 32 Stainless Steel Metal, Bright N/A N/A 629 32D Stainless Steel Metal, Satin N/A N/A 630 P Prime Coat 600 600 N/A ABA/US5 Antique Brass 638 609 N/A AN/US15A Antique Nickel 647 620 N/A 2011