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Why Choose a FiberCraft ® Composite Door ?
You won ’ t find a GlassCraft FiberCraft door at your local “ big-box ” retail store . These are not mass-produced , boring , consumergrade doors made to fill a hole in a house as cheaply as possible . FiberCraft doors are custom-made ... one at a time ... just for you !
√ Custom Doors . You pick the design and impact that fits your individual style . You select the size and color ... glass texture and opacity ... the door texture and .... the hardware , door swing direction and configuration . Then we add in the security ... the precise fit .. and the quality , durability and energy efficiency that you and your family require and deserve .
√ Strong and Durable . FiberCraft doors are the strongest , most durable , and best-looking composite doors available . Our modern doors are not available from any other manufacturer . And GlassCraft ’ s wood-grained composite doors look like real wood . No other fiberglass composite door has a more distinguished detail , a more refined tactile surface , or simply a more carefully crafted appearance than GlassCraft ’ s Artisan and Estate finished fiberglass doors . Plus it is an environmentally friendly product and offers many options for customization to suit customer requirements . FiberCraft also offers an extensive selection of designs , including many unique options . See the multiple benefits of a FiberCraft entry door at the bottom of the next page .
√ Patented and Innovative . GlassCraft Door Company has taken its product innovation further by incorporating environmentally friendly materials and processes in the production of its fiberglass doors and frames . GlassCraft has been awarded multiple industry honors in recognition of its DuraFinish TM fiberglass finishing system and BioFoam ® premium core , both patented technologies that produce better doors in terms of appearance , performance and environmental benefits . Check out these advantages :
√ The DuraFinish TM Fiberglass Finishing System — This patented technology involves the use of water-based finishing instead of solvent-based finishing . Benefits include 100 % reduction in Hazardous Air Pollutants , very low VOC , improved air quality in the workspace , superior weatherability and authentic woodgrain appearance .
√ BioFoam ® Premium Foam Core — An alternative to standard polyurethane foams , GlassCraft ’ s Bio-Foam contributes to green building sustainability and reduced fossil fuel usage . BioFoam ® is a patented plant-based , formaldehyde-free , water-blown , rigid , closed-cell foam formulated for GlassCraft for use in its FiberCraft ® Premium Composite doors . This foam is a giant leap forward in regard to environmental and health benefits , while contributing to the superior performance of GlassCraft ’ s fiberglass doors .
Visit www . glasscraft . com for more details .
COVER PHOTO : 6 ’ 0 ” x 8 ’ 0 ” FiberCraft Narrow Profile NP-Series SDL 6 Lite Double door w / Tricorn Black finish , Clear glass , and Hoppe multipoint hardware .