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Z-Series Sills 3. Why buy Z-Series Sills? No more air and water infiltration. No rotting, warping or deterioration either. That’s Performance Standard. · Proven in the field–Z Series sills were developed to address real world problems that builders face in the field, ending call backs 4. 2. · Built to last–Technologically advanced all-composite substrates, synthetic caps and nosing mean no rotting, warping or deterioration over time. Screw covers keep debris out for easy adjustability anytime. Integrated seals stop water and air 5. · Choose your style–inswing, bumper outswing and continuous mull pack sills in a variety of colors, styles and sizes make it easy to meet your specific application needs E L P M A S · Z-Series modularity means savings and flexibility–operating panel caps and sidelite caps can be assembled in almost endless combinations, holding your inventory count down while offering a larger variety of door configurations Inswing Sills 5 Composite Substrate No more stuck doors or drafts because the Z-Series Sill substrate material is a waterproof composite that won’t rack, warp or rot, ever. The substrate is not affected by moisture and rot like wood. 2 Bumper Outswing Sills 6 4 Composite Cap and Nosing Extruded cap and nosing finishes provide resistance to wear and discoloration and offer a unique aesthetic appeal. The synthetic material used in the cap and nosing prevent warping, rotting and wear. Sealed Adjustment Screws Dirt and water can get into the exposed screws of other adjustable sills. Patented sealing plugs hide unsightly screws and keep water and dirt away from the adjustment mechanism, maintaining adjustability of the sill cap over time. E L P M A S 1. · Patented performance–engineered to be the best sill you can buy. U.S. Patents: 5, 426, 894; 5, 588, 266; 5, 611, 173, D354, 572; 6, 789, 358; 7, 350, 336 Narrow Cap Because of the narrow threshold cap, the drip edge on the door bottom deflects water a full 1/4" in front of the cap, protecting against air and water infiltration. High Dam, Integrated Seal A dual durometer cap seal overlaps the high dam. Both combine to provide a barrier to air and moisture even in the most extreme weather conditions. Continuous Sills 3