Vendor Door Catalogs Carter Flex Full Line | Page 49

C M Y CM MY CY CMY K INDEX M any more profiles available, call... 1-800-861-0734 • FAX 1-800-861-0737 PAGE 34-CROWN BACKERS SM4008 CRB250 AH19 CM2 WINDSOR 1701 BR CROWN ENHANCER PAGE 35-BASES CM810 CM618 CM710 BCB500 BCB300 (NS) BCB400 (NS) BCB700 (NS) BCB925 (NS) MS5180 CM663 PAGE 36 612 SM97 CM610 CM623 CM218 CM753 CM750 (NS) CM750W (NS) PAGE 37 CM616 TWPB MDF714 BBJ725 BBJ525 BBJ325 (NS) BBJ425 (NS) PAGE 38 BLB525 BLB425 (NS) BLB725 (NS) VICTOR IAN BASE MBC38-5 LDFBA718 AH617 PAGE 39 BASE CAPS CM166 CM164 CM163 CM167 1201 SM30 W39 SM64 MS287 SM54 SM43 LWP 114 BCB 150 SM40 PAGE 40 CHAIR RAIL PAGE 45 CONTINUED C136 SM41(WM286) CM390 LWP286 4 WP207 CR560 PAGE 46 VARIATIONS CM302 CM273 CR290 CM197 CRAL333 CM137 HH133 CM988 PAGE 41 CM987 (NS) SM225 HR150 MD4 HR100 CM300 CM131 GP200 PENCIL MOULD CM297 1IN. QR. CRA350 CM105 CM397 CM106 PAGE 42 CHAIR RAIL BACKER CM936 CM957 CM937 (NS) CRB425 CM940 CM956 CM941A (NS) CM6 CM941 (NS) CM425 (C135) CM127 CM398 CM126 CRB525 PAGE 47 426 CM93 PAGE 43 PANEL MOULDING CM100 MPM20 WM1075 PM118 CM101 CM183 CM204 A9 CM205 SM64 CM206 PM43 S4S- 13 Sizes CM184 FLEX JAM 496 &696 57,70 SM3514 We have many more profiles PM5127 available that may suit your PM5126 specific design C42 C42R 1 / 2 (NS) requirements. We are always C42R 3 / 4 (NS) available to recreate your PM250 custom patterns at.. PM250R4(NS) PM250R5(NS) PAGE 44 BRICK MOULDING AH181 CM175 WM179 CONGRESSIONAL BMC CM180 4264 Old Linwood Road PAGE 45 RAKES Linwood, NC 27299 CM287 1 - 800-861-0734 CM1206 FAX 1-800-861-0737 CM212 US MAIL AT: CM28 CM207 PO BOX 189 CM29 Linwood, NC 27299 CM209 M A D E T O M AT C H CM210 1-800-861-0734 . 49 CODE CC/ASB-10/2006 CC/ASB-04/2012 CMW_SinglesFinal_Brown.indd 49 CMW_SinglesFinal.indd CMW_Singles.indd 49 49 3/23/15 8:41 3/19/12 10:38 2:10 AM PM 3/19/12 AM