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C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Ordering Information We are always happy to help you with any specification questions before you enter your order. These are some commonly requested configurations and typical information we need for production. HALF ROUND HEIGHT OR RADIUS WIDTH (DIAMETER) ARCS OR EYEBROWS RISE LEG HEIGHT WIDTH ELLIPSES OR OVALS TEMPLATE REQUIRED (WE HAVE SOME STANDARD TEMPLATES) RADIUS CROWN MOULDINGS CONVEX OR OSR CONCAVE OR ISR Please provide a radius dimension of wall or width of unit and how much the wall or ceiling recesses (ISR) or projects (OSR). NOTE: Curved ceilings or dormers (Barrel Vaults) are convex or OSR applications. Please specify at time of order. IMPORTANT: Straight (lineal, non pre-radiused) pieces will only be suitable for certain applications. Please call us with any information to insure appropriate material is ordered and provided. The drawings shown in this book are a reference and may be different than actual mouldings produced. Installation and care instructions for CMW_SinglesFinal_Brown.indd 3 CMW_SinglesFinal.indd 3 CMW_Singles.indd 3 on page 4. ā€œSā€ items are in stock 3 3/23/15 8:40 3/19/12 10:38 2:10 AM PM 3/19/12 AM