Vapouround magazine ISSUE 12 - Page 24

NEWS SNUS – DECADES OF RESEARCH INDICATE THAT SNUS IS SUBSTANTIALLY SAFER THAN SMOKING - SO SHOULD IT STILL BE BANNED IN THE EU? By Marina Murphy, BAT POTENTIAL TO SAVE EUROPEAN LIVES? These days, governments always seem to be under the cosh, so it is pretty amazing that when there is an opportunity to take credit for something extraordinary that they don’t do it. Or at least, the Swedish government seems very reluctant to ‘get behind snus’ as Clive Bates, a well- known harm reduction advocate puts it. He recently wrote to the Swedish government questioning their reluctance to not only take credit for what, he says, by any standards, is ‘an extraordinary public health achievement’, but on their reluctance to do anything about ensuring that the rest of the EU might benefit. You may remember in the last issue, I wrote about a case being brought to the European Court of Justice by the New Nicotine Alliance (NNA), and the Swedish Match legal challenge of the current EU ban on snus (except in Sweden). Well I think it’s worth revisiting this issue, given 24 ISSUE 12 VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE that new results released in June reveal that around 320,000 men would not die prematurely every year in the EU if snus was [widely and lawfully] available, and use levels mirrored those in Sweden. Now it is highly unlikely that use levels in other European countries wo