Vanish Magic Magazine Paul Romhany Edition 26 - Page 10

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Trevor Watters , Gary Savard and Alex Seaman


As we celebrate year FIVE of VANISH - International Magic Magazine we also celebrate the launch of the hard copy edition of VANISH . When it came time to work on the printed copy I chose to look outside of the magic community to see what other models of magazines I could use .

Murray Hatfield
I wanted the look and feel of the new VANISH to be something that was like a magic trick . The minute you saw it you went WOW ! It appears I have achieved this as everybody who has bought and seen the hard copy will tell you there is no other magic magazine like it . Yes , it is more expensive than other magic magazines but as the old addage goes , you get what you pay for .
We have some very exciting developments happening with VANISH . In the printed form of the magazine and on line , you ' ll see these developments . I have been working closely with two developers to work on a brand new experience for reading VANISH and how we get our magic news . My aim is to always strive to produce the best quality product and to get it out to as many people as possible . With over 125,000 readers per edition now of VANISH I feel we are achieving that goal . Our plan is to reach even more with the new formats we have been working on .
Shawn Farquhar
It has taken five years , a lot of dedicated work , by all of those involved . I ' m thankful to everybody who has supported and continues to go along the journey with us .

Paul Romhany