Vanish Magic Magazine Dangerfest SPECIAL EDITION - Page 8

world. Like Alice, “everything will now be different.” Magic and Dangerfest meet in excellence—putting it plainly. Perhaps too plainly for what really happens. Because what happens is extraordinary on many levels. It is the re-definition of “competition”, “excellence” and, as stated previously, the conquering of a goal. 8 SPECIAL | 2020 Perhaps most importantly, “the study of the conquering of the goal.” Working under a strict deadline for a stage show and a book with Jason Willard Johnson, not only did he keep the bar almost unattainably high for me to grasp, but he made several things immediately clear for our work: 1. Your name doesn’t go on it unless it is what you wanted. 2. When I made a mistake, he liked how I corrected the mistake right away. 3. My notice of my mistake was immediate because I knew what I was after.