Vanish Magic Magazine Dangerfest SPECIAL EDITION - Page 14

“What’s that Martha? A magician! Hey, let’s stop and watch.” Total gas. A few children came dressed in classic magician gear of top hat, cape and wand. The press wrote a story. The next night, Obtuse the Magician (Owen Oldaker) presented a fine piece of spirit theatre with ghostly writings on tablets; with logos and special wands presented to appreciative, smiling people. Smiling continued for the next few days. Largely if you saw someone at Dangerfest they were smiling. Surrounded by that kind of energy brings that affect. You sign a Liability Waiver upon registration that absolves the producers of injury, and also asks (not too subtly) to leave your politics, religion and sexual preference behind when you cross the Dangerfest boundary. Everyone attending knew no one screws with people at Dangerfest. People left their wallets and purses easily unattended, and there was not one tremor of distrust. “An armed society is a polite society” one celebrity knife thrower told me. I’d listen to him if I were you. He’s the Good Guys. Power + Armed = Dangerfest? Armed with: Magic. Skill. Thought. Poetry. Song. Entertainment. Dedication. Costume. Commitment. Loyalty. Good cheer. Humor. Intelligence. Ancient recognition and modern chess-playing insight. (And a lot of knives.) You build your cache of these qualities if you really pay attention at Dangerfest. Bill Marx once said, “I am so old I was hep before it was hip to be hep.” Dangerfest is hep; the perimeter approached, crossed and sometimes conquered. A recent FB post (October 24, 2019) by Travis Dishon: We need more knife throwers in the world. Let me explain: We all start off throwing knives and joining groups to learn a new skill. Once you are in you find something unlike anything you have seen. Yes it is a competitive sport and we all want to be the best but at the same time we want to see everyone being the best they can be. We all help each other out and give tips, do videos, and share any information we can to help. But more importantly we raise each other up and not tear each other down. If we are having a rough time our bladed family is there for anything we need at the drop of a dime. It is absolutely amazing what we all do for each other. People we have never met except on FB, people we see every couple of years and yet still closer than most blood families. I love my Bladed Brothers and Sister and am Blessed to be a part of something so Awesome!! FULLTANGCLAN!!  14 SPECIAL | 2020 While the world is at war, Dangerfest is the quiet to the expanding and contracting clock spring of a sub-culture. Oh, sure, I did hear gun fire and firecrackers and laughter…it’s not a “quiet affair” exactly. What was quiet was disagreement by warring parties. We were there for one reason and one reason only: to enjoy throwing a knife and sticking that knife where we intended it to be stuck. It’s a rush. An adrenaline, acetylcholine-discharging piece of happiness. For different people, it takes different amounts of time to figure out the instant calculation of speed, distance, angle, and power. “ About knife throwing changing lives— I was in a downward spiral. Mental issues, had no friends to speak of, then bam I saw one of Adam Celadin’s videos on YouTube. That led to TomTom, then Brandon Danger Dillon popped up on facebook and I realized Danger was in Indiana. That saved me. I got into knife throwing as a release, not just a hobby. I have also gained so many friends. I would rather call them a family. The community is amazing. I mean, come on, I’m just a regular dude that gets to toe the line with world champions and learn from them. It’s awe inspiring to see them do the things they do and then to attempt them right along side them. No one vibes anyone and everyone is willing to help each other regardless of skill. It has been a blessing to me.” —Logan Lynch