Vanish Magic Magazine Dangerfest SPECIAL EDITION - Page 13

Ben Robinson performing at Dangerfest Dangerfest makes this clear. Of the near hundred attendees of Dangerfest 2019, a dozen have since posted ebulliently on line that their life was not only made better by their experience at Dangerfest, but they felt brotherhood without enmity for those they met, spoke with and hung out with. And, I need to tell you something: there was not one paper cut, strong argument, or one object thrown that was not a knife, “hawk” or proper throwing implement. People from about twelve different states and five countries all got along. It reminded me of Paul Daniels’ plea to his 2000-person audience in Eastbourne, England, in 1986. Said the great entertainer, “We’ve achieved peace through art and wonder tonight. Bring that home with you. And tell them to stop making bombs.” Paradoxically, this festival/throw called “Dangerfest” creates joyful peace! In fact, there was glorious entertainment too. At Dangerfest 2019 on Friday the Thirteenth (September), as the sun set into the harvest full moon above, in a parking lot full of patrons, while standing on the most wonderful flat bed trailer, with my composer Sean Thomas at stage right, we unloaded a fresh piece of music written for the opening of my show. It was a great time had by all. Stopped traffic bordering the event too. Obtuse the Magician SPECIAL | 2020 13