Vanish Magic Magazine Dangerfest SPECIAL EDITION - Page 12

Planned knives thrown 1/1000th of an inch Jason Willard Johnson —Ben Robinson— Darrin Glenn Cook Dangerfest is a quiet concern, often hilariously stated, of a silent center that can do anything. Dangerfest is full of people who have studied measurements as small, and reliably reported, as “one-one thousandth of an inch” If you dispute such exists, I refer you to a film currently showing in The Elgin History Museum (Elgin, IL), which not only confirms what I have stated, but, shows this measurement in action. Elgin. Watches. Small measurements. 12 SPECIAL | 2020 Magicians. Small measurements. What does the word “sleight” mean? “Slight”…omg… small measurements = “sleight”? Slight measurements. The first time I took a formal lesson in knife- throwing, Jason Willard Johnson, told me “adjust your step, by a half-inch.” I thought he was kidding. However, when I did what Jason was directing me to do, I achieved what I was after. Small measurements matter. So does breath, stance, power, muscle memory, wood grain, water, back and shoulder aches, travel for study, and yes, a bit of cash too. A hand-made, perfectly balanced, throwing knife made by one person can cost upwards of $200. Is it worth it? Was I studying knife-throwing, or had I joined a militia—or both? “I’m sorry Mr. Robinson, you’ve asked the wrong question. The answer is number three.”