Vanish Magic Magazine #97 - Page 8



I talk a big game about wanting things in magic to “ be more .” To be more accurate in its demographics compared to the rest of the world ; to be more accepting of people of different races , religions , gender , and general expression . I talk a lot about “ my wish ” for our industry to be more open about having conversations surrounding equality and inclusion . I ’ m a big advocate of using our words to encourage change
But some things need actions and resources to implement those actions , which I do not have the means to provide . BUT other people have the means and are using their resources to make a positive impact in the industry that we spend so much of our lives dedicated to .
If you are a fan of this magazine and magic in general , you are no stranger to Joshua Jay , Andi Gladwin , and the Vanishing Inc . team . But just in case , let me introduce you to the gentlemen I had the pleasure to speak with about the changes they are encouraging in magic .
Jay and Gladwin are the co-founders of Vanishing Inc ., their goal was to create a magic shop dedicated to improving the art of magic . Not only is it a magic shop , it hosts conventions , and they also have a charity arm , known as ShareMagic . It is widely known that Vanishing Inc . has given over 600 free registrations to young magicians along with their parents , so they may attend Magifest ( one of the conventions that Vanishing Inc . hosts ). Not so known is that they have aided the College of Magic in Cape Town , South Africa , an organization that teaches leadership and public speaking to students through magic . All the photos in this article are from the guy ’ s most recent trip to Cape
8 AUGUST | 2022
Town and spending time with the students in The College of Magic . More recently they have also organized fundraisers to help families escape the war in Ukraine .
Individually these cofounders have a list of credits just as impressive as their organization . Andi Gladwin is based in the UK , is a great magic writer , and is a professional close-up magician . Having performed throughout Europe and North America , he has also appeared on Masters of Illusion , Fool Us , Next Great Magicians and so much more .
Joshua Jay is based in New York , USA . His one-man show , Six Impossible Things , has been extended three times due to high demand . Of course , he also has published many great works of magic literature and appeared