Vanish Magic Magazine #97 - Page 10

area of magic . Gladwin expressed his personal , excitement about this grant , “ As a computer programmer , I see the enormous untapped potential here , and I am eager to see the submissions we receive . But all four grants have real potential to enact important change in magic .” This grant recipient will receive the aid of the Vanishing Inc . Tech Team to make the dream a reality . This grant is for projects that will help the world of magic with notfor-profit technology innovations .
The project , the idea , the work , and the credit are all yours . They will help fund the project , but it ' s your initiative and your creativity that will help make the project a success . That means you are doing the research and asking questions to make sure that this idea will be a positive influence in magic . If you have an idea , Vanishing Inc . wants to hear it and potentially assist in its funding .
It was Gladwin who explained that they are “ particularly excited to learn from the grant recipients . It will be fascinating to see what solutions and proposals they bring to the table . I ’ m sure there will be things we ’ d never have thought of .” While they are supporting your projects they don ’ t want to just throw money at the problem your project is tackling , they want to learn . As much as they are investing in the project , they are investing in the recipients too . “ We will work closely with the recipients to make sure that they have the support they need while encouraging them to break boundaries and inspire others …”
The information about where to submit the application will be on Share Magic . But in order to allow you to start putting your application together , here is what you will need to submit : information about who you are , and a full breakdown of your project proposal . This will include full details of your project , how you intend to spend the grant money , how much you need , and an estimated timeline of the project . These guys are interested in investing in the person as much as the idea , they want to know about you . All the grants sound amazing in their own right . While I might be equally as excited as the guys to see the final projects and how they
10 AUGUST | 2022