Vanish Magic Magazine 95 - Page 12

In 2008 , Fay was invited to perform at the esteemed “ Magic Castle in Hollywood ”. She thought , “ perhaps they wanted to see what all the fuss in England is about ?”
Upon her arrival to the Castle and viewing the Close-Up Gallery for the first time Fay ’ s heart sank . Her performance space was a standard two chairs and a half table with space for a close-up mat . She instantly realized that without a dinner table setting her magic repertoire would not have the same impression and would seem simplistic .
12 JUNE | 2022
Fay decided to make the space look more like “ home ” or as she refers to it “ her office ”. She turned the table around , placed extra chairs around it and moved it forward so that the seated audience became the other five guests at her “ ten-top table ”. She set the table with the standard objects of her usual workspace .
With that initiative something extraordinary happened . Changing the table and chair configuration and allowing her “ audience assistants ” to be in a relatable , familiar dining room table setting made them much more comfortable . The result was that they were much more relaxed , natural , curious and engaged . Fay says , “ their reactions were more animated than a traditional audience “ volunteer ”, who generally sit there , watching like rabbits in the headlights , terrified to be centered out and called upon ”.
The downside was the impracticality of the concept . The Magic Castle runs on a tight schedule and starting late or going overtime is a serious no-no at “ the Academy of Magical Arts ”. The re-set for her magic was quick and timely , but , the re-set for the “ show ” was a nightmare . Clean glasses , fresh napkins , setting the table and more , that was the issue and a learning curve to consider in the future .
With well-honed , sophisticated , stylish magic performances and a slightly naughty comedic timing , Fay ’ s magic continued to charm and delight everyone . Literally everyone . We talk about the “ likability factor ” and with Fay it ’ s irresistible fun and joy , to be included , to be valued and to be passionately entertained .
Not one to accept defeat , in 2012 Fay decided to compete once again at “ the Magic Circle Close-Up Magician of the Year ” competition . Could it be “ three times the charm ”?
Learning from the challenges she encountered during her Magic Castle